Stargon Browser 5.0.1

update history Bug fixes. hello. Fixed bugs found in the previous version. The revision details are as follows. Fixed abnormal termination due to ad blocking. Fixed an issue where (temporary) allow links on blocked pages did not work. Fixed an issue where some white domain lists were missing from ad blocking. Fixed the phenomenon that […]

Stargon Browser 4.9.9

Performance improvements and bug fixes. hello. The new version includes performance improvements and bug fixes. If you have an older version (4.9.8) installed, we recommend that you install this version. The main changes are: When clicked, the screen rendering changes and other links are clicked. Fixed the problem that the ad blocking DB was not […]

Stargon Browser 4.9.5

update history Performance improvements and bug fixes. hello. This version has performance improvements and bug fixes. Performance improvements were mainly related to downloads. In addition, bugs discovered during development and bugs identified through reports have been fixed. In some cases, there are problems that cannot be resolved because they have not been confirmed. We will […]

Stargon Browser 4.9.3

update history Fixed crash problem when saving images. Fixed tab search function issue. hello. There is a problem with version 4.9.2, so we are deploying a new version. The browser crashes when saving images in data URI format. It is a problem with a major function and a function that can be used frequently, so […]