Stargon Browser 3.9.3

update history

  • Fixed the problem that the tab does not open when opening the browser from an external app.
  • Fixed an abnormal termination when changing the download folder.
  • Fixed the problem that the tab order is changed after restart.
  • YouTube advertisement videos are automatically skipped. (some user issues)
  • Other abnormal termination phenomena have been corrected.

Greetings often with recent bug fixes.
If any problems occur after version 3.9.3, please report them and we will try to fix them.
We will update the next version with new features.
Thank you to those who supported and reported.

Thank you.

Stargon Browser 3.9.1

update history

  • Fixed a problem that bookmarks could not be moved.
  • Fixed an issue where other tabs could not be applied when changing the font size in the menu.
  • Fixed scroll bar operation problem when swipe forward/backward is OFF.
  • Fixed the problem of broken Hangul on some sites.
  • Download optimization.

There were some serious bugs in the latest 3.9.0 version, so we patched it first.
In the case of some reported problems, we will make sure to patch them in the next version.
We apologize for the inconvenience, and we will do our best to show you a better image in the future. ^^

If you report bugs for Stargon browser development, it will be a more advanced browser. Thank you very much for your report.

The next version will reward you with updates with new features.

We would like to thank those who supported us and those who reported bugs.
Thank you.


Stargon Browser 3.9.0

Update history

  • Added “Always deny this site” function in the pop-up feature.
  • Other bug fixes.


Added “Always Deny This Site” feature to the pop-up feature. This feature has also been requested by many people for a long time. I was thinking about a better way, so I applied it in this update. You can permanently block pop-ups by checking “Always reject this site” in the pop-up confirmation window.

There were other bug fixes.

  • Fixed the phenomenon of moving to Google (Home) when clicking a link in Quick Launch.
  • Fixed error due to ad blocking.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the number of tabs increased when connecting from an external app.
  • The rewind and fast-forward times in the built-in video player have been changed to 10 seconds.
  • The built-in video player has been updated.
  • Fixed other minor bugs.

The Stargon browser version has already been updated for the 100th time. There are still many shortcomings, but we will do our best to show continuous improvement in the future.

Thank you very much to those who supported and commented.

Thank you.


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Stargon Browser 3.8.1

  • Browser speed improvements and bug fixes.


In this version 3.8.1, the problem of slowness caused by the recent addition of various functions has been fixed.

The main performance improvements are “Web Loading Speed”, “Block Ads”, “Font Change”, etc.​

Major bug fixes are listed below.

The problem of not being able to download from web memory (Blob address).
Crashing issue during continuous capture.
Crashing issue in dark mode.
The problem with the download notification message disappearing.​

The above is only a partial summary. The actual patched part is more than the above. if there is a problem

If you report it at any time, we will try to correct it.​

Thank you to those who commented.

Thank you.


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Stargon Browser 3.8.0

  • Update history

Added new dark mode.
Bug fixes and optimizations.

Hello. Dark mode has been added to the theme method that has been requested by many people for a long time. If you select Dark Mode in the menu, you can choose between filter (existing) mode and theme mode. Long-click to switch from dark mode. Each mode has its pros and cons, so use the dark mode that suits your main site.

The new dark mode relies on the system webview. If it is not applied because it has not been updated for more than a year, please update “System Web View” in the Play Store.

Fixed a bug where videos were blocked even though Wi-Fi was enabled when using the “Block images when not on wifi” function. Other minor issues such as web compatibility issues have been fixed.

Thank you to everyone who has provided support and comments.

Thank you.