Stargon Browser 5.5.2

  • Performance improvements and bug fixes.

hello. There are a few bug reports, so we’ll patch them first.
The major bugs fixed are listed below.

  • Fixed an issue where swipe refresh did not work in full screen.
  • Fixed an issue where swipe refresh works even when the bottom bar does not appear.
  • Fixed an abnormal termination when renaming a deleted file.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that there is a space between the bottom function window and the bottom bar.
    -Fixed a crash when exiting the app after using image download.
  • Fixed an abnormal termination when Stargon Video Player is launched in another app.
  • Fixed abnormal termination related to sharing.

As an added function, you can check and modify the saved ID and password by clicking Security -> Data Clear -> Password List -> desired site. However, password confirmation can be confirmed after authentication such as biometric authentication or pattern is completed.

Thanks to the person who reported the bug.
thank you


Stargon Browser 5.5.0

  • Improved functionality.
  • Bug fixes and optimizations.

Greetings from Stargon 5.5.0 version. ^^
It’s already been a month since I’ve been optimizing the app and fixing various features and bugsā€¦
The main contents related to the update are as follows.

  • App Optimization
  • Improved performance in the quick link sharing feature and many other features.
  • Fixed an issue where the swipe gesture function did not work.
  • Fixed an issue where the forward gesture did not work.
  • Fixed the problem that swipe refresh works when the top bar is not visible.
    -Fixed an issue where the swipe refresh animation was visible on non-web screens.
    -Fixed an issue where the OS status bar and navigation bar momentarily appeared in the full screen function.
  • Fixed a problem caused by some cookies not being transmitted on some sites. (login problems, etc.)
  • Fixed a problem that does not work normally due to a web session storage error on some sites.
  • Fixed the freezing phenomenon that occurs when playing web videos.
  • Fixed an issue where paste does not work in the web editor.
  • Various other bug fixes.

The update is delayed, but thank you so much for your understanding.
Thanks also to those who commented.