Stargon Browser 5.5.2

  • Performance improvements and bug fixes.

hello. There are a few bug reports, so we’ll patch them first.
The major bugs fixed are listed below.

  • Fixed an issue where swipe refresh did not work in full screen.
  • Fixed an issue where swipe refresh works even when the bottom bar does not appear.
  • Fixed an abnormal termination when renaming a deleted file.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that there is a space between the bottom function window and the bottom bar.
    -Fixed a crash when exiting the app after using image download.
  • Fixed an abnormal termination when Stargon Video Player is launched in another app.
  • Fixed abnormal termination related to sharing.

As an added function, you can check and modify the saved ID and password by clicking Security -> Data Clear -> Password List -> desired site. However, password confirmation can be confirmed after authentication such as biometric authentication or pattern is completed.

Thanks to the person who reported the bug.
thank you


2 thoughts on “Stargon Browser 5.5.2”

  1. Hi,
    I think “modify stored passwords” option should not be inside the “data clear” submenu because it’s really hard to find

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