Stargon Browser 4.3.1

update history

  • Bug fixes.
  • Added full screen icon to image and video downloads.

Hello. This version has bug fixes and icon additions. It has been modified as follows.

  • Fixed the problem that the file could not be found when changing the font.
    -Fixed an issue where the video stopped when swiping rewind or fast forward on the full screen of web video and the playback time did not disappear.
  • Fixed an issue where additional icons and abnormal termination when deleted after clicking Select All in Quick Launch.
  • Fixed a problem where the download notification was abnormally terminated after the file download was completed for some users.
  • Fixed other abnormal termination issues.

Add icon

  • Added image and video download full screen icon. Click to play in full screen or built-in player.

Stargon Browser 4.3.0

Stargon Browser 4.3.0 Update

  • Update history
  1. Improved browser speed.
  2. Improved browser performance.
  3. Make a note of the source from which you downloaded it.
  4. Optimizations and bug fixes.
  • Various other hard to mention issues have been fixed.

Hello. It was developed based on the information provided by many people.

This version improves web browser speed. There were also performance improvements in various functions.

Some of the performance improvements are listed below.

  • Download archive
  • Download video
  • image download
  • image search

The above are only a few corrections. Please feel free to report any problems.

The function you reported will be added in the next version. There are many shortcomings, but I would like to say thank you to those who have used it.

Our Stargon browser does not collect personal information, nor does it collect any other information.

We will continue to be a trusted browser in the future.

We would like to thank those who provided comments and those who supported us.
thank you.

Stargon browser 4.2.1

update history

  • Bug fixes.

Hello. This update has been updated first due to the app termination phenomenon that occurs for some users.

In most cases, it is recommended that users update as well.

Some of the revision details are as follows.

  • A phenomenon in which the app is closed due to a font setting bug.
  • When saving downloads, an error occurs due to a duplicate file name problem.
  • Save paths that are already allowed can be switched to the pop-up menu.
  • Fixed an issue where the download quantity was not reflected when the list was deleted from the “Archive” (downloads).
  • Show progress when downloading images.
  • After downloading images (videos) “Select All”, press again to cancel all.
  • Remove unnecessary resources.

If a file downloaded to the “Archive” is re-created with the same file name after changing or deleting the file name, there is a problem in that it looks the same as the previous download list. This part will be addressed in the next version. Therefore, if you delete a file from the download, it seems safe to delete it after opening the file once. Alternatively, it is safe to click the folder icon in the upper right corner of the “Archive” to delete it with the file manager function. We will also fix issues related to speed when deleting large amounts of files at once.

Thank you to everyone who reported bugs and provided comments.