Stargon Browser 4.9.5

update history

  • Performance improvements and bug fixes.


This version has performance improvements and bug fixes.

Performance improvements were mainly related to downloads. In addition, bugs discovered during development and bugs identified through reports have been fixed. In some cases, there are problems that cannot be resolved because they have not been confirmed. We will study the bugs that are not resolved among the responses sent by e-mail or the website in the next version.

Changes or improvements in version 4.9.5.

  • When blocking YouTube ads, it blocks more smoothly than the previous version.
  • Night mode has been changed from filter to theme method. Dark mode no longer supports filter mode.
  • Improved download speed.
  • Improved the phenomenon that the file name appears as a memory address on some sites.
  • POST, Authorization method download support.
  • Other convenience improvements.

Bug fixes.

  • The problem that Quick Launch disappears when opening a new tab has been fixed.
  • Fixed the problem that the pop-up disappears when downloading.
  • Fixed a problem that occurred when switching between night mode and dark mode.
  • Other confirmed bugs have been fixed.


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Stargon Browser 4.9.3

update history

  • Fixed crash problem when saving images.
  • Fixed tab search function issue.

hello. There is a problem with version 4.9.2, so we are deploying a new version.

The browser crashes when saving images in data URI format.

It is a problem with a major function and a function that can be used frequently, so we have to patch it first.

In addition, there was a problem that only one character of the tab search (magnifying glass icon on the tab screen) was searched, so it has been fixed.


Stargon Browser 4.9.2

update history

  • Added web clipboard API.
  • Optimizations and bug fixes.


A web clipboard API was added. This feature allows web page developers to access the clipboard via web language. For example, you can paste text automatically copied to the clipboard from a web page. For security, in case you agree to the permission, it will proceed. Many sites do not use this feature yet, but it was developed due to user requests. Currently, consent is required every time, but we will be able to obtain permission consent for each site in the future.

This version has a lot of bug reports, so a lot of bugs have also been fixed. The main fixed bugs are as follows.

  • Problems with downloads from the web.
  • Problems with running apps on the web.
  • The problem that the bottom bar does not come up.
  • The problem that the bottom of the visit history screen appears white.
  • Pull-to-refresh does not work on some sites.
  • The problem that search suggestions cannot be deactivated in the search term auto-complete option.
  • Store app not running in some situations.
  • Fixed other minor issues.

Also, some unnecessary code has been removed.

Thank you to those who reported and to those who supported us.
thank you


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Stargon Browser 4.9.1

update history

  • A selection pop-up has been added so that the user can select when an external app is launched from a web page.
  • Bug fixes.


In this version, when you run the app from a web page, a pop-up has been added to confirm whether or not to run it. You can think of it as a necessary function for security.

There were some new bugs in the last 4.9.0 version, so this version was made early. The main bugs fixed are as follows.

  1. Fixed the problem that the keyboard goes down when double-clicking the address bar. (When using the address bar at the bottom)
  2. Fixed the problem that the bottom of the history screen is broken.
  3. Fixed the problem that the web loading line disappears when moving the top bar to the bottom.

thank you

Stargon Browser 4.9.0

Major update history

  • A function to move the top bar to the bottom has been added.
  • Black theme has been added. (Settings->Theme)
  • Fixed bugs.

hello. It seems like it took a long time to develop because we added features and fixed bugs together.

Thank you for your patience even if the update is late.
The parts that have been fixed in relation to bugs in the update history are as follows.

  • Third party cookies being blocked unnecessarily.
  • Crash issue when using “Do Not Track Request” feature.
  • Improved video download. (Fix download problems such as Instagram, Vimeo, etc.)
  • Fixed the problem that the layer disappears when touched.
  • Fixed other minor issues found.

We would like to thank those who provided comments and those who supported us.
thank you ^^

Stargon Browser 4.8.5

update history

  • Bug fixes.

hello. Version 4.8.5 has been updated first due to the problem of full-screen gestures in YouTube videos.

Details are as follows.

  • Fixed YouTube full screen gesture crash issue.
  • Fixed abnormal termination when added to the home screen.
  • Fixed the problem that the screen is not visible.
  • Changed some UI colors in dark (night) mode.
  • optimization.


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Stargon Browser 4.8.4

update history

  • Bug fixes

hello, It’s long time no see. The update was very late due to a lot of internal work.
This version only patched bug fixes. Sorry for not investing much time.
If there are no major problems, we will definitely update the settings on the bottom bar of the address bar in the next version.
The bugs that have been fixed are as follows.

  • A phenomenon in which loading is not completed.
  • Problem with forward gesture not working.
  • A phenomenon in which the refresh gesture works in YouTube Shorts.
  • A phenomenon in which the screen is enlarged abnormally.
  • Video player gesture issues.

Thank you to those who commented and reported bugs.
thank you.


Stargon browser update has been delayed.


The development of Stargon browser has been delayed due to internal work in the last 10 days.
Stargon browser updates are also likely to be delayed.

Due to the delayed update, the “Advertising Blocking Detailed Settings” and “Lower URL Bar” settings that will be included in version 4.9.0, which were announced in advance, are
It seems that development should start after patching (version 4.8.4) once.

Sorry for not giving advance notice.
We will do our best to focus on development as soon as the internal problems are over.

Thank you for your interest in Stargon Browser.

Stargon Browser 4.8.3

Major update history

  • Added ability to disable video autoplay.
  • The API has been upgraded to enable large-capacity blob data download.
  • Bug fixes.


Stargon version 4.9 will add an ad blocking filter setting and a setting to lower the address bar to the bottom.
I thought it would take a lot of time, so I updated it first before the next update.
In addition to the above major updates, we have patched bugs that can be fixed.
If any problems occur after the update, please leave a comment and we will respond at any time.

Thank you to everyone who provided comments.
thank you.


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Stargon Browser 4.8.2

Major update history

  • Fixed the problem that the forward/backward gesture does not work.
  • Fixed an issue where custom fonts were not applied on some pages.
  • Dark mode bug fixed.
  • Fixed a problem with switching between dark mode and night mode.
  • Fixed a problem where pressing the + button in Quick Launch would force quit.
  • Fixed a crash when opening a file in the download notification.
  • Removed post image appearing in web video player.

hi. We update the patch version due to some problems that occurred in the last 4.8.1 version.

The crash issue patched above is a bug that only appears under certain circumstances or on certain Android versions.

Thank you to those who reported and gave comments.

thank you.


(Due to Google verification, it may take up to a day to update.)