Stargon Browser 4.8.4

update history

  • Bug fixes

hello, It’s long time no see. The update was very late due to a lot of internal work.
This version only patched bug fixes. Sorry for not investing much time.
If there are no major problems, we will definitely update the settings on the bottom bar of the address bar in the next version.
The bugs that have been fixed are as follows.

  • A phenomenon in which loading is not completed.
  • Problem with forward gesture not working.
  • A phenomenon in which the refresh gesture works in YouTube Shorts.
  • A phenomenon in which the screen is enlarged abnormally.
  • Video player gesture issues.

Thank you to those who commented and reported bugs.
thank you.


Stargon browser update has been delayed.


The development of Stargon browser has been delayed due to internal work in the last 10 days.
Stargon browser updates are also likely to be delayed.

Due to the delayed update, the “Advertising Blocking Detailed Settings” and “Lower URL Bar” settings that will be included in version 4.9.0, which were announced in advance, are
It seems that development should start after patching (version 4.8.4) once.

Sorry for not giving advance notice.
We will do our best to focus on development as soon as the internal problems are over.

Thank you for your interest in Stargon Browser.

Stargon Browser 4.8.3

Major update history

  • Added ability to disable video autoplay.
  • The API has been upgraded to enable large-capacity blob data download.
  • Bug fixes.


Stargon version 4.9 will add an ad blocking filter setting and a setting to lower the address bar to the bottom.
I thought it would take a lot of time, so I updated it first before the next update.
In addition to the above major updates, we have patched bugs that can be fixed.
If any problems occur after the update, please leave a comment and we will respond at any time.

Thank you to everyone who provided comments.
thank you.


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Stargon Browser 4.8.2

Major update history

  • Fixed the problem that the forward/backward gesture does not work.
  • Fixed an issue where custom fonts were not applied on some pages.
  • Dark mode bug fixed.
  • Fixed a problem with switching between dark mode and night mode.
  • Fixed a problem where pressing the + button in Quick Launch would force quit.
  • Fixed a crash when opening a file in the download notification.
  • Removed post image appearing in web video player.

hi. We update the patch version due to some problems that occurred in the last 4.8.1 version.

The crash issue patched above is a bug that only appears under certain circumstances or on certain Android versions.

Thank you to those who reported and gave comments.

thank you.


(Due to Google verification, it may take up to a day to update.)

Stargon Browser 4.8.1

Major update history

  1. Cookie related security updates.
    SameSite default changed to Lax.
    Cookies are not sent by default if they are not on the same site. (including all downloads)
  2. Added “Play Online” function when downloading video files from the web.
  3. Full capture function added again.
  4. Bug fixes.


  1. This version adds security updates related to cookies. The cookie request default has been changed to Lax to protect against cross-site request forgery (CSRF) attacks. (Including all downloads) When creating cookies on the server, if there is no SameSite setting, the Lax value is applied by default. Lax only sends cookies to the same site. This patch works properly when System WebView (Chrome) version 87 or higher is installed. For more information on SameSite, see the SameSite cookie description.
  2. When downloading from a web page, if the download file is a video, the “Play Online” function has been added, which allows you to play directly without downloading it. (Some streaming videos may not play.)
  3. The full capture feature that was removed with the introduction of partial rendering has been re-added.
  4. Major bug (issue) patches are as follows.
  • Gesture behavior issues on webpages.
  • Problem with filenames downloaded from webpages.
  • The problem that the full screen is unlocked even when the pop-up is blocked when the web video is full screen
  • Improved built-in video player.


(Due to Google verification, it may take up to a day to update.)

Stargon Browser 4.8.0

update history

  • Added tab view (multi view)
  • Improved video player performance
  • Bug fixes and optimizations.

Hi, We apologize for the late update.

A new tab view has been added. (bottom bar tab button -> tab menu -> Method -> Multi view)
“Multi View” is a tabbed view where you can preview multiple tabs.
You can remove a tab just like any other view by swiping left or right on the desired tab.
And in the case of tab view “Card view”, from the new version, you can swipe up and down the upper title bar to remove it.

Fixed bugs that occurred during the last few updates.
The main bugs are the ad blocker problem, which causes normal resources to be blocked, and bugs related to viewing the entire video have been fixed.

In the video player, when the video is on a white background, there is a problem that rewind and fast forward are not visible because the background is covered, so some UI has been fixed. Player related bugs were also fixed.

The ability to “Add to bookmark” has been added to the menu at the top right of the address bar. In addition, when adding through this menu, a pop-up has been added so that the title can be changed when adding bookmarks and quick launches.

Some of the other user requests have been added.

If you have any problems after updating the new version, please feel free to contact us.

thank you.


Stargon browser 4.7.0

Major update history

  • Improved scroll rendering.
  • Improved browser speed.
  • Various other bug fixes and optimizations.

Hi, I am a Stargon developer. ^^

We were able to fix several bugs through many recent reports. It seems that some bugs were not completely fixed because unconfirmed bugs were analyzed and fixed only by code. If any of the bugs you inquired about are not fixed, please comment again and we will continue to look for them. The corrected issues are as follows.

  • A phenomenon in which an afterimage appears on the bottom navigation bar when scrolling.
  • A phenomenon in which a YouTube video is played after stopping when switching to full screen.
  • A phenomenon in which page loading stops when clicking a link.
  • A phenomenon in which the screen cannot be enlarged on some pages.
  • A phenomenon in which the page goes to the wrong page when going back.
  • A phenomenon in which the Open New Tab (+) button is hidden on the bottom bar.
  • Text is broken on some pages.

In addition, we have fixed the issues found.

Add to

  1. The amount of ad blocking is displayed in the title at the top of the menu.
  2. Added warning display in address bar when not HTTPS secure connection.

We would like to thank those who provided feedback and those who supported us. thank you.


Stargon browser 4.6.4

  • Update history
  1. Fixed download related issues.
  2. Other bug fixes.

Hi, This version mainly fixes bugs related to downloads. We were able to fix some bugs through many reports. The details of the modifications related to the download are as follows.

  1. The file cannot be downloaded.
  2. The phenomenon of being saved with the wrong file extension.
  3. Abnormal termination when sharing images.
  4. Freeze when opening an image in a new tab.

Other than that, the problem that the visited hyperlink color does not change after closing has been fixed, and the phenomenon that the number of files is displayed incorrectly when searching the archive has been corrected.

Also, Korean filter changed from List-KR to YousList due to ad blocking filter issue. If the ad blocker does not work properly due to the recent filter update, be sure to install this version.

Most of this version could be fixed through bug reports. If you have any problems, feel free to ask. It will be of great help to the development of Stargon.

Thank you to those who provided comments.

Stargon Browser 4.6.3

Update history

  • Bug fixes

Hi, This update is as follows.

  1. Fixed an issue where the exit button option “Close all tabs” did not work.
  2. Fixed web session storage bug.
  3. Fix the problem that some sites do not download.
  4. Improved download performance.
  5. Fix cookie sync problem when downloading.
  6. Security-Related Patches.
  7. Fixed some other bugs.

Thank you to everyone who reported it. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us ([email protected]). It will be of great help to the development of Stargon.


Stargon browser 4.6.1

update history

  • Fixed scroll bug.
  • Fix start page bug.


If the recent scrolling does not work, please update to the latest version.

When you update, partial rendering is applied by default. There were some rendering problems, so it was added as an option as a trial, but inevitably there was a bug in the latest webview (version 99 or higher), so it was applied as a default in the new version.

Thank you to everyone who reported it.