Stargon Browser 6.0.1 cumulative updates

  • Feature improvements and bug fixes.
  • optimization.


Due to delays in Google review, we are introducing a version that has been released for the first time in a very long time.

If you have already installed the 6.0.1 apk file, there is no need to update from the Play Store as it is the same version.

The reason for the delay in the update is unknown, but the new PIP function that can be used on YouTube, etc. seems to have been a problem, so the video PIP function that can be used on YouTube, etc., has been excluded from the latest version. (In the current version, the video pip function can be used only on some sites.) We will improve this function further in the future and upload it again when we have time.

The details of modifications since version 6.0.0 (submitted on March 12) are as follows.

  • Improved pinch zoom function to allow up to 8x magnification on the entire video screen.
  • Added web sharing API.
  • Fixed a new issue where YouTube video ads were not blocked.
  • Fixed some site swipe refresh malfunctions.
  • Fixed infinite loading issue on various sites such as Apple Music.
  • Other feature improvements and various problem fixes.

Because version 6.0.0 was not released for a month due to Google review, a new version was released without receiving any feedback on version 6.0.0. Therefore, the app may be unstable. If you encounter any abnormal termination issues or bugs, please contact us at any time.

We will update the features you commented on in the future if they can be added.

We would like to thank those who donated and those who provided comments.
thank you


Stargon Browser 6.0.0

  • Added video pop-up player function.
  • Other feature improvements.


Greetings with an update after a long time. ^^
We planned to improve functionality in many areas, but it seems that we were unable to fix several problems as expected.
We will continue to look into the issues you reported. In particular, the Stargon browser slows down when used for a long time.
We will do our best to patch it in the next version. The problem has been confirmed, but it is so rare that it will take time to find the cause.

Details related to this update are as follows.

  • Video pop-up player function has been added. When a video is playing, a pop-up (PIP) player icon appears.
    (This feature may not be supported on some web pages and may have bugs on some websites.)
  • Starting with this version, background playback operates on a tab-by-tab basis. If you use background play, if you move to another tab while a video is playing, background play will be activated. (YouTube is not supported due to Google Store policy. Supported in desktop mode.)
  • Fixed an issue where the web screen does not appear when going back or forward.
  • Fixed an issue where the link did not work when clicking on the video in full screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the home screen did not appear.
  • Improved left and right gesture effects.
  • Fixed an issue where some sites did not operate properly due to an ad blocker bug.
  • Various other reported issues have been corrected.

We will continue to check for bugs that are not completed. The next version will have patches related to bugs.
We would like to thank the person who reported it.
thank you

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