The update is being delayed due to Google review issues.


An updated version of the app was submitted to the Play Store on March 12th. However, due to delays in review with Google, the update is currently not underway. Usually, the review is completed within 2 days or 7 days at the most, but for some reason, it is taking a long time.

After inquiring with Google, I received a response telling me to wait.
They said they would investigate and respond regarding the current update delay.
I am making this announcement in case anyone is curious.

Once the update is approved by Google, you will be able to update immediately. Additionally, future versions are also being developed without any problems.

We would like to express our gratitude to those who used it.

thank you

17 responses to “The update is being delayed due to Google review issues.”

  1. Recently there have been a lot of bugs and uncomfort also security problems when surfing or browsing sites. There are times when on YouTube or when running a video in fullscreen mode it is delayed and switches to another application when there is a notification, the video window cannot be returned to its original position or is not in fullscreen mode so the appearance becomes very messy. This application always turns off/freezes and closes suddenly, or even becomes the stargone.

  2. i have installed other browser because is not possible to wait 3 months for an update. i’m sorry because I liked stargon, but it’s not serious

    • Your update has already been submitted. We are having a lot of trouble because updates cannot be made due to delays in review by Google.
      The apk file is currently temporarily uploaded.

  3. This is the best browser forever!! Congratulations 🙂
    I don’t understand why Google block the update.

    • We are also worried because updates are not being made for no reason. However, since it was not rejected, I believe Google will approve it soon.

  4. Many peoples are changing browser due to this problem. Put the file to download here, because google won’t update anything.

    • It’s not our fault, so it doesn’t seem like something we should apologize for. Since Google delays updates for no reason, we have no choice but to wait. First, the apk file was posted on the website.

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