Month: May 2021

  • Stargon Browser 3.6.0

    Automatic completion of search terms including visit history has been added. In the lower menu, the function to block images and adjust the font size has been added. Modified so that it can appear as an icon in the lower bar function added by the user. Detailed features have been added to the homepage (start…

  • Cryptocurrency

    Please support the Stargon Browser. Bitcoin: 3DGhjisvWZCGKGDh5kEHt8T65JYwyGB6Gz Bitcoincache: qqrrsz7ull3ya7eykcmpd94e44plsmlam5twxxfe84 Ethereum: 0x862193f9f33e88de49b9e15f8810f991158fd60a Dogecoin: DSkUywy7EQ5rCfkDf8FRUkC1tuexm87jSU Ripplecoin: raQwCVAJVqjrVm1Nj5SFRcX8i22BhdC9WA (Destination Tag: 2015799970)