Stargon browser update has been delayed.

hello. The development of Stargon browser has been delayed due to internal work in the last 10 days. Stargon browser updates are also likely to be delayed. Due to the delayed update, the “Advertising Blocking Detailed Settings” and “Lower URL Bar” settings that will be included in version 4.9.0, which were announced in advance, are […]

Stargon Browser 4.8.3

Major update history Added ability to disable video autoplay. The API has been upgraded to enable large-capacity blob data download. Bug fixes. hi, Stargon version 4.9 will add an ad blocking filter setting and a setting to lower the address bar to the bottom. I thought it would take a lot of time, so I […]

Stargon Browser 4.8.2

Major update history Fixed the problem that the forward/backward gesture does not work. Fixed an issue where custom fonts were not applied on some pages. Dark mode bug fixed. Fixed a problem with switching between dark mode and night mode. Fixed a problem where pressing the + button in Quick Launch would force quit. Fixed […]