Stargon browser update has been delayed.


The development of Stargon browser has been delayed due to internal work in the last 10 days.
Stargon browser updates are also likely to be delayed.

Due to the delayed update, the “Advertising Blocking Detailed Settings” and “Lower URL Bar” settings that will be included in version 4.9.0, which were announced in advance, are
It seems that development should start after patching (version 4.8.4) once.

Sorry for not giving advance notice.
We will do our best to focus on development as soon as the internal problems are over.

Thank you for your interest in Stargon Browser.

3 thoughts on “Stargon browser update has been delayed.”

    1. hello.
      The features you mentioned so far have not been reviewed because there have been no requests for them. We will decide after checking whether it is necessary.

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