Stargon Browser 4.8.1

Major update history

  1. Cookie related security updates.
    SameSite default changed to Lax.
    Cookies are not sent by default if they are not on the same site. (including all downloads)
  2. Added “Play Online” function when downloading video files from the web.
  3. Full capture function added again.
  4. Bug fixes.


  1. This version adds security updates related to cookies. The cookie request default has been changed to Lax to protect against cross-site request forgery (CSRF) attacks. (Including all downloads) When creating cookies on the server, if there is no SameSite setting, the Lax value is applied by default. Lax only sends cookies to the same site. This patch works properly when System WebView (Chrome) version 87 or higher is installed. For more information on SameSite, see the SameSite cookie description.
  2. When downloading from a web page, if the download file is a video, the “Play Online” function has been added, which allows you to play directly without downloading it. (Some streaming videos may not play.)
  3. The full capture feature that was removed with the introduction of partial rendering has been re-added.
  4. Major bug (issue) patches are as follows.
  • Gesture behavior issues on webpages.
  • Problem with filenames downloaded from webpages.
  • The problem that the full screen is unlocked even when the pop-up is blocked when the web video is full screen
  • Improved built-in video player.


(Due to Google verification, it may take up to a day to update.)

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