Stargon Browser 4.8.0

update history

  • Added tab view (multi view)
  • Improved video player performance
  • Bug fixes and optimizations.

Hi, We apologize for the late update.

A new tab view has been added. (bottom bar tab button -> tab menu -> Method -> Multi view)
“Multi View” is a tabbed view where you can preview multiple tabs.
You can remove a tab just like any other view by swiping left or right on the desired tab.
And in the case of tab view “Card view”, from the new version, you can swipe up and down the upper title bar to remove it.

Fixed bugs that occurred during the last few updates.
The main bugs are the ad blocker problem, which causes normal resources to be blocked, and bugs related to viewing the entire video have been fixed.

In the video player, when the video is on a white background, there is a problem that rewind and fast forward are not visible because the background is covered, so some UI has been fixed. Player related bugs were also fixed.

The ability to “Add to bookmark” has been added to the menu at the top right of the address bar. In addition, when adding through this menu, a pop-up has been added so that the title can be changed when adding bookmarks and quick launches.

Some of the other user requests have been added.

If you have any problems after updating the new version, please feel free to contact us.

thank you.