Stargon Browser 5.2.0

Update history

  • Password list backup available.
  • Large video download support.
  • Bug fixes.


In this version, when using the backup function in Stargon, a function has been added to enable backup of the “Password List”.

When backing up passwords, authentication such as biometric authentication or pattern is required for security. For security, if possible, delete the backed up file after use is complete.

In addition, the function has been updated so that only desired items can be backed up or restored when backing up and restoring.

Large-capacity video download support does not separately improve download detection performance. In the past, in the case of large-capacity streaming videos, it was impossible to download due to the large number of divided videos, but from this version, it is possible to download regardless of the size. In addition, a network recovery function has been added on download to reduce connection errors.

In addition, bugs found such as the phenomenon that the navigation bar appears on the full screen of the video and the problem that multi-delete in the history does not work normally have been fixed.

Thank you to those who commented.

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Stargon Browser 5.1.1

Update history

  • Fixed issues related to visit history.
  • Fixed issues with browser settings.
  • Other bug fixes.


This version has a problem with browser settings that occurred in the previous version, so we patched it first.

If there is a problem with the settings, check the settings related to the problem again after the update, and if there are problems, try changing the settings.

In addition, in all previous versions, there was a problem that some of the visit records were recorded incorrectly or were not recorded, so we changed the way to save the visit history. If there is anything wrong, please comment.

In addition to this, we have fixed a problem where the app crashes due to quantifier problems that occur in some languages and some models.

Coding has been simplified for some functions to reduce unnecessary operations.

If you have any problems, please report them at any time. Thank you to the person who reported it.

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Stargon Browser 5.1.0

  • Ad blocker upgrade.
  • Image search problem solved.
  • Fixed bookmark registration problem.
  • Other bug fixes.

hello, An update was made in about 6 weeks.

We apologize for the delay in updating due to a lot of internal work lately. The next version will patch with priority for recently reported issues.

Thank you to those who commented.


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