Stargon Browser 5.2.0

Update history

  • Password list backup available.
  • Large video download support.
  • Bug fixes.


In this version, when using the backup function in Stargon, a function has been added to enable backup of the “Password List”.

When backing up passwords, authentication such as biometric authentication or pattern is required for security. For security, if possible, delete the backed up file after use is complete.

In addition, the function has been updated so that only desired items can be backed up or restored when backing up and restoring.

Large-capacity video download support does not separately improve download detection performance. In the past, in the case of large-capacity streaming videos, it was impossible to download due to the large number of divided videos, but from this version, it is possible to download regardless of the size. In addition, a network recovery function has been added on download to reduce connection errors.

In addition, bugs found such as the phenomenon that the navigation bar appears on the full screen of the video and the problem that multi-delete in the history does not work normally have been fixed.

Thank you to those who commented.

happy new year. ^^


9 responses to “Stargon Browser 5.2.0”

  1. can’t detection download link from webpage video and broken download link can’t update, please fix this problem. Thank you.

    • Yes, it has been confirmed that some video servers are not downloadable if they are not standard. We will reflect it in the update. However, some videos may still be unavailable for download.

  2. Hello, I like stargon browser very much. Can you add a button to quickly play the video, such as sniffing the webpage video, and prompt that it can be played quickly。In addition, how can I quickly contact the author to feedback bugs?

    • hello,
      Video-related features are yet to be considered. Development focuses on bugs and optimizations first, adding features as needed. We will keep a record of your comments. If you send feedback to [email protected], we will respond as much as possible. I will try to give you a quicker answer. Thank you for using it.

    • Are you talking about URL notation issues in search suggestions? We have fixed this issue in this update. I think an update will be available in a few days.

  3. Fantastic browser, but updates are too slow.
    Reduce the memory, add option to modify homepage icons, speed up the page loading..

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