Stargon Browser 4.1.0

  1. Introduced the Storage Access Framework (SAF) method.
    Therefore, you can change the file name and the folder where you want to save it at every save.
  2. Added web permission function. (recording on the web, recording support)
  3. A function to connect to the YouTube app has been added to the top bar.
  4. Added current tab highlighting.
  5. Optimizations and bug fixes.
  6. Fix other inconvenient parts.

Hello. We’ll give you an update after about a month.

I have a lot to review, so development has been delayed, so it’s been a while since I’ve greeted you. ^^;

1) This version introduces the SAF method. This function is a method of selecting a folder through the Android Documents App (SAF). It is not a function to simply select a folder. This is a function that can be granted even permissions to the folder.

In the previous version of Stargon, it was possible to save when asked for storage permission and agreed to it, but there is a security problem that permission is granted to all folders when storage permission is allowed. The current updated version still requires storage permissions for the Gallery and Library features in the menu, but in the next version, those features will also be updated to use the same SAF method as above.

This method had to be introduced before November due to Google’s policy, so we started development. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the change in the SAF method.

2) HTML5 web supports various functions. Among them, the ability to record, or chat in real time on the web is possible. It is a feature supported by some sites, but there are people who need it, so the feature has been added. (Even if there is a request on the web, this function can be rejected through a pop-up asking for permission from Stargon. In addition, consent is required for camera and audio permission.)

3) When accessing the YouTube website, the YouTube icon appears in the upper address bar. If you click the icon, you can connect to the YouTube app. Next, we plan to add a function that can directly connect to the YouTube app when accessing YouTube through the option.

Other than that, there were current tab highlighting and UI color adjustments.

Thank you to those who commented.

thank you.

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