Stargon Browser 3.0.3

Major update history

  • Fixed web compatibility issue.
  • Download (video) error correction.
  • Ad blocking error correction.
  • Fixed a problem with the translation function.
  • Optimization and speed improvement.

Hello. We have updated the stable version due to some important patching needs.

Here is a brief description of the major update history.

  1. There was a problem that I couldn’t log in on a specific site, so I fixed it with regard to authentication. Fixed an issue where abnormal termination and normal content were blocked due to ad blocking.
  2. The translation function is currently disabled by Google in Korea. Therefore, only Korean has been changed to open in Chrome tab.
  3. Improved speed through optimization.

The above update history has been written only in part. If any of you have reported any bugs, we have fixed them to the extent possible.

Thank you to those who gave us your opinion.


Stargon Browser 3.0.1

-Major update history

  • Ad blocking DB update.
  • Added VPN and DNS server options.
  • Added a button to switch to the system brightness when the video is full screen.
  • Fixed screen problem due to forced screen function.
  • Improved search for downloadable videos.
  • Fix other abnormal terminations and errors found.


We updated our ad blocking database. With the addition of domains from around the world, it seems that the satisfaction level may vary for each user. In addition, we have fixed bugs on sites that have problems with ad blocking.

Currently, the VPN used a cloud player ( DNS server. In this patch version, an option has been added so that you can use a total of 18 DNS servers including Google Public DMS ( Other crash fixes.

In the case of adjusting the brightness with gestures when viewing the entire video, there is a disadvantage that once you adjust the brightness, you have to use only the set brightness. Click the system brightness icon in the upper right corner of the video overview. (Only those who have adjusted the brightness more than once are displayed.)

Fixed a problem where the web UI did not appear normally due to the forced screen magnification function. In addition, web compatibility has been improved.

Our video downloads cannot download all videos, so we are looking for a possible way. Therefore, we are improving little by little. If you can’t search for video downloads only on a specific page on a specific site, delete the cache in the Security Center and refresh it before using.

Conflicts and bugs that were submitted to various other routes have been fixed.

Thank you to those who gave us your opinion.

Stargon Browser 3.0.0 Update

-Update history

  • Added tab switch gesture function.
  • App performance improvements, bug fixes, and optimizations.

Hello. A tab switch gesture was added. This function allows you to switch tabs by swiping (drag) on the top bar or bottom bar. Among other VPN functions, the overall speed improvement and inconvenient parts such as the addition of the blocked HTTP address bypass function and the improvement of image download performance have been fixed. There are so many fixes that I can’t seem to be able to list them all in the update history.

Finally, I would like to thank the person who gave me the opinion.