Stargon Browser 3.0.0 Update

-Update history

  • Added tab switch gesture function.
  • App performance improvements, bug fixes, and optimizations.

Hello. A tab switch gesture was added. This function allows you to switch tabs by swiping (drag) on the top bar or bottom bar. Among other VPN functions, the overall speed improvement and inconvenient parts such as the addition of the blocked HTTP address bypass function and the improvement of image download performance have been fixed. There are so many fixes that I can’t seem to be able to list them all in the update history.

Finally, I would like to thank the person who gave me the opinion.


4 responses to “Stargon Browser 3.0.0 Update”

  1. A very creative browser
    More than excellent in everything
    Really we are afraid of this qualitative leap
    We want to include Android 4.1 +
    Not only 5+

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