Stargon Browser 3.0.3

Major update history

  • Fixed web compatibility issue.
  • Download (video) error correction.
  • Ad blocking error correction.
  • Fixed a problem with the translation function.
  • Optimization and speed improvement.

Hello. We have updated the stable version due to some important patching needs.

Here is a brief description of the major update history.

  1. There was a problem that I couldn’t log in on a specific site, so I fixed it with regard to authentication. Fixed an issue where abnormal termination and normal content were blocked due to ad blocking.
  2. The translation function is currently disabled by Google in Korea. Therefore, only Korean has been changed to open in Chrome tab.
  3. Improved speed through optimization.

The above update history has been written only in part. If any of you have reported any bugs, we have fixed them to the extent possible.

Thank you to those who gave us your opinion.


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