Stargon Browser 5.4.1

  • Bug fixes.

hello. There are some bugs in the latest 5.4.0 version, so I’m uploading a patched version. The modified details are as follows.

  • Fixed an issue where “Open link in new tab” did not work.
  • Fixed the problem that “Open image in new tab” does not work.
  • Fixed an issue where the keyboard did not automatically go down after clicking a link in the browsing history.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the browser freezes intermittently.

Stargon Browser 5.4.0

  • Improved translation function.
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes.

hello, Greetings with an update in about a month and a half. ^.^

Translation function has been improved in this update.
“Language detection” and “Automatic translation” functions have been added to the detailed options for translation.
“Language detection” is a function that only appears at the bottom of the translation toolbar when it corresponds to the language that needs translation, and the user can translate if necessary.
“Automatic translation” is automatically translated without any special settings if it corresponds to the language that requires translation.

Other than that, there have been performance improvements and bug fixes. The contents are as follows.

Optimization of unnecessary motion.
Eliminate unnecessary resources.
Fixed an error in file name when downloading.
Fixed a download problem that occurred in some POST methods.
Fixed an issue where the top bar and bottom bar were not scrolled all the way to the bottom when both were fixed.
Fixed the problem that captcha (anti-robot) does not work properly on some sites.
Fixed an issue where the top task bar sometimes appeared during full web video viewing. (Android 10 and below only)

In addition to the ones described above, there have been many other modifications. So please feel free to report any bugs.

Some of the reported bugs are still unresolved. In the future, we will try to solve it little by little and improve the function.

Thank you to those who gave their opinions in various ways.