Stargon Browser 5.4.1

  • Bug fixes.

hello. There are some bugs in the latest 5.4.0 version, so I’m uploading a patched version. The modified details are as follows.

  • Fixed an issue where “Open link in new tab” did not work.
  • Fixed the problem that “Open image in new tab” does not work.
  • Fixed an issue where the keyboard did not automatically go down after clicking a link in the browsing history.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the browser freezes intermittently.

16 thoughts on “Stargon Browser 5.4.1”

  1. Hello, first of all thanks for the best webview based browser out there!

    Please consider adding custom search engine functionality or at least integrate “” in future release.

    Thank you

  2. congratulations for your work, stargon is a very good browser.
    is possible add an option to always leave the dns connection active? because when the browser is closed, the dns connection doesn’t work anymore, and is necessary reactivate it.

    1. DNS function is only available in Stagon browser. It will be activated automatically when restarting after shutdown. Are there any problems with activation?

  3. Please, in the next update add the option to modify the favorite’s icons on the homepage.
    Is the only reason i use Soul Browser instead of Stargon.
    In Soul Browser is possible to modify the images and the number of icons in each row (3, 4, 5 etc.)

  4. Здравствуйте, всё классно с вашим браузером только одного не могу понять, как выключить Как выключить замочек чтобы он чтобы он вообще не работал. он появляется когда играю через веб версию. а когда в лобби, то серфить вообще невозможно, при отключенном замке двигается громкость, а при включенном замке не могу перемещаться вовсе. спасибо

  5. Any news on next update?
    Why you don’t write any news on your site before the updates? For example: when exit the new release, on what addons and bugfix you are working, etc.

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