Stargon Browser 5.0.1

update history

  • Bug fixes.

hello. Fixed bugs found in the previous version.
The revision details are as follows.

  • Fixed abnormal termination due to ad blocking.
  • Fixed an issue where (temporary) allow links on blocked pages did not work.
  • Fixed an issue where some white domain lists were missing from ad blocking.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the brightness icon does not appear in the full screen of the video.
  • Fixed the problem that the lower part is cut off when fixing the upper and lower bars.
  • Fixed the problem that the app start page could not be specified in the homepage settings.

If your ad blocker doesn’t work, please update your filter.

Thank you to those who commented.
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Stargon Browser 5.0.0

Major update history

  • Reduced memory usage.
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update.

This version reduces the memory (RAM) used by default. Some new developments have been made to reduce memory usage. It is expected to save about 150MB compared to the previous version.

Other major modifications are as follows.

  • Improved ad blocker processing speed.
  • Fixed ad blocking filter not updating. (Filter updates automatically when you update the app.)
  • Fixed the problem that the keyboard becomes full screen in landscape mode.
  • A pop-up button has been added to the entire video screen. (A button shape has been added with the same function as when going to the background.)
  • Fast forward, pause, and rewind buttons have been added to the screen in video popup mode.
  • Fixed video player bug.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that it works again when restarting even if night mode is turned off.
  • In the case of VPN, the name has been changed to DNS because it does not currently bypass censorship. (This will be developed later.)
  • Other web compatibility related issues have been fixed.

Thank you to those who commented and supported us.
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