The update is being delayed due to Google review issues.


An updated version of the app was submitted to the Play Store on March 12th. However, due to delays in review with Google, the update is currently not underway. Usually, the review is completed within 2 days or 7 days at the most, but for some reason, it is taking a long time.

After inquiring with Google, I received a response telling me to wait.
They said they would investigate and respond regarding the current update delay.
I am making this announcement in case anyone is curious.

Once the update is approved by Google, you will be able to update immediately. Additionally, future versions are also being developed without any problems.

We would like to express our gratitude to those who used it.

thank you

Stargon Browser 5.9.0

  • This update is for January 2024.

Update history

  • Added features and fixed bugs.

hello. This version adds several features.
Major updates are listed below.

  1. Added Android “Download complete” notification ON/OFF function. (Available in Android app settings)
  2. Desktop mode can be set for each tab. (You can specify desktop mode for each tab through the URL bar menu at the top)
  3. You can check the history and move to the previous and next pages by long-clicking back/forward.
  4. You can check the history of previous pages by long-clicking the back button on your device (Android).
  5. Function number 4 can be customized in Settings -> Top and bottom bars (navigation bar) -> Back button long click function.
  6. Added bottom bar hiding gesture when the bottom bar is transparent. (You can temporarily hide the bottom bar by dragging it down)
  7. A function has been added to delete cookies and site data of the current site by clicking the lock icon in the URL window.

In addition, there were bug fixes. Below are the key fixes:

  1. Correcting errors that occur on specific sites. (infinite loading)
  2. Fixed an issue where the scroll bar position was not correct.
  3. Fixed an issue where notifications were merged when there were multiple downloads.
  4. Fixed an issue where downloaded files did not appear in the gallery, etc. in certain cases.
  5. Fixed an issue where the icon click effect was not visible in quick launch after using dark mode.
  6. Fixed auto-completion location issue when using the bottom URL bar.
  7. Fixed the problem of showing the previous page incorrectly when using the back gesture. (Problem where fast execution is visible)

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by errors occurring on certain sites. An update was needed earlier, but there were a lot of accumulated updates, so it was delayed somewhat. If you have any problems after installing this version, please feel free to comment.

We would like to thank those who provided comments and sponsors.
thank you