Stargon Browser 3.3.0

-Update history

  1. Optimization and bug fixes.
  2. Add pop-up settings for each site.


This update focuses on browser optimization (performance improvement) and bug fixes.

If you have any problems, please feel free to tell us and we will get back to you.

For other features, until the previous version, you could allow all pop-ups or open a new tab after checking the pop-up.

From this version, we have updated to set when opening a pop-up for each site.

The set information can be deleted from the bottom menu -> Security -> Clear data -> “Pop-up allowed site list”.

Finally, we would like to express our gratitude to the people who provided feedback and to the sponsors.

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Stargon Browser 3.2.3

-Bug fixes and performance improvements.


This version has improved bookmark import bugs and basic web surfing performance (including speed).

If you have a problem after using it, please leave a comment and we will answer it.

The reason for omitting the detailed update history is that there are browsers that follow us at home and abroad for a long time, so detailed bug fixes have not been announced for security reasons.

Happy New Year.

Thank you.

Stargon Browser 3.2.2

-Bug fixes and optimizations.

Good morning. We have updated mainly on bugs reported recently.

Today, I will briefly talk about the features that users have given us. All reports and opinions are recorded on the list to be developed in the future if we consider them to be necessary functions. However, please understand that there are many reported bugs and a lot of performance improvement work remains, so development is being delayed.

And I know there are many similar browsers that imitate our browser. We don’t do that. I don’t think it’s always good to have a lot of features. This is because the more features, the lower the performance, and the complexity becomes difficult to use. We care more about it and develop it. I’m thinking a lot about putting functions into one.

Finally, I would like to thank the person who gave me the opinion.


Stargon Browser 3.2.1

– PC mode resolution has been changed.
– Bug fixes and optimizations.


There is a bug that the font thickening option setting does not work in the latest version, so we are posting a new one. This bug occurred when only the font weight was changed without changing the font. Details of the changes below.

  1. When switching to PC mode, the screen resolution has been modified to be the same as other browser PC versions.
  2. Web font thickening bug fixed.
  3. Fixed a problem that a new tab does not open when selecting “Web Search” after selecting text.
  4. Ad blocking function optimization.


Stargon Browser 3.2.0

– Reader mode.
– Backup and restore function.
– Facebook video download support.
– Bugs and optimizations.

Reader mode

A reader mode icon has been added with a refresh in the top address bar. Reader mode is a feature that makes the web easier to read in media outlets and blogs. You can use this feature on any web page, but it was created primarily for use by media outlets. Therefore, I would like to inform you in advance that the quality of the reader mode varies greatly from page to page.


  1. You can add the reader mode function in the lower bar setting.
  2. Useful for saving (printing) PDFs or capturing screens.

Backup and restore

You can use it through Settings> Basic Information> Backup and Restore.

If you choose to backup, Quick Launch, Bookmarks, Ad Allowed Site List, Ad Block List, and Settings are saved in the Downloads folder as a single backup file. Path: /Download/stargon.bak

And if the stargon.bak file exists in the download folder, it can be restored to the previous state backed up through the restore function.


  1. This function does not back up cookies, cache, and saved passwords.
  2. The backup will overwrite the existing backup file.

Facebook video download

In the previous version, it was only available in PC mode, but in the latest version, you can also download Facebook videos in the mobile version. Also, in the case of Facebook, you can select videos for each quality and only save audio.

Bugs and optimizations

Fixed known bugs. In each of the functions, some unnecessary work has been reduced.

We will do our best to create a more stable browser in the next version.

Thank you.

Stargon Browser 3.1.1

– The function to delete the button on the bottom bar has been added.
– Changed so that you can set the home button function.
– Bug fixes.

Hello. This version upgraded the lower bar setting function just before.

How to delete the bottom button

Bottom menu -> Settings -> Navigation bar -> Bottom bar function -> You can delete it by long clicking the button that needs to be deleted in the click action.

However, the menu button cannot be deleted, and there must be at least two buttons.

Deleted buttons can be added again by pressing +.

A basic button function has been added to the long click action. Functions deleted in the click action can be used in the long click action.

Therefore, depending on the user, it seems that unnecessary buttons can be deleted and the function is added to the long click action, so that it is possible to customize it with a convenient bottom bar.

How to set the home button

You can set the home icon function on the bottom bar as a quick launch or start page. There are two ways to set the home button.

  • Bottom menu -> Settings -> Homepage -> Select either Quick Launch or Website.

If you set as above, the applicable options are applied in the Home button and Add tab.

  • Bottom menu -> Settings -> Navigation bar -> Bottom bar function -> Click the Home icon in the click action and select Quick Launch or Homepage.

When set as above, only the home button on the bottom bar is applied.

If it is applied to the website or homepage rather than quick execution, the address setting is
It is available from the bottom menu -> Settings -> Homepage.

Bug fixes and performance improvements

Fixed some unnecessary work and bugs. We are fixing the parts that can be resolved with each update.

If you have any problems or have any questions about the features, please feel free to contact us.

This version was produced through sponsorship. We would like to thank the sponsors and those who gave feedback.


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Please support the Stargon browser.


Thank you for always loving and using the Stargon browser.

Our Stargon browser has been steadily developed with the goal of becoming a more convenient browser than any other browser.

There have been many difficulties while developing the Stargon browser. Unlike other browsers, we don’t include banner ads and video ads, so the revenue from our Stargon browser is very small.

So we need your help and support to develop the Stargon browser.

How to sponsor

Shinhan Bank: Account Number (100029145828), SWIFT Code (SHBKKRSEXXX), Account Title (Onecook Co.,Ltd.), Address (120, 2-GA, TAEPYUNG-RO, CHUNG-GU, SEOUL, KOREA)

Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Ripplecoin, etc.)

If the person who has sponsored us sends us the necessary functions or suggestions by e-mail, we will try to take priority as possible.

Sponsor-only e-mail: [email protected]

Stargon browser 3.1.0

Stargon browser 3.1.0

-The bottom navigation custom click event has been added.
-Other bugs and web compatibility improvements.


In this version, the bottom bar customization function has been added. (Bottom menu -> Settings (gear icon) -> Navigation bar-> Bottom bar function)

You can add and edit click and long click events. You can add up to 2 buttons on the bottom bar, and you cannot remove the existing buttons. Existing buttons cannot be removed at the moment due to compatibility issues with various other functions, and we will modify them so that only possible buttons can be removed after reviewing them later.

For click event and long click event, click the icon and select the desired function. Currently, there are more than 20 shortcut functions. We will review if you can give us your opinion on the required function among the shortcut functions.

In addition, we fixed web compatibility issues such as reported bugs and downloads.

There have been many reports at the moment, but please understand that we have not been able to fix any bugs that cannot be confirmed by us. In the future, more detailed user reports and we hope to be corrected if we do research.

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback.

If there is any bug in the new version, please let me know. I will try to fix it.

Have a great weekend.


Stargon Browser 3.0.3

Major update history

  • Fixed web compatibility issue.
  • Download (video) error correction.
  • Ad blocking error correction.
  • Fixed a problem with the translation function.
  • Optimization and speed improvement.

Hello. We have updated the stable version due to some important patching needs.

Here is a brief description of the major update history.

  1. There was a problem that I couldn’t log in on a specific site, so I fixed it with regard to authentication. Fixed an issue where abnormal termination and normal content were blocked due to ad blocking.
  2. The translation function is currently disabled by Google in Korea. Therefore, only Korean has been changed to open in Chrome tab.
  3. Improved speed through optimization.

The above update history has been written only in part. If any of you have reported any bugs, we have fixed them to the extent possible.

Thank you to those who gave us your opinion.


Stargon Browser 3.0.1

-Major update history

  • Ad blocking DB update.
  • Added VPN and DNS server options.
  • Added a button to switch to the system brightness when the video is full screen.
  • Fixed screen problem due to forced screen function.
  • Improved search for downloadable videos.
  • Fix other abnormal terminations and errors found.


We updated our ad blocking database. With the addition of domains from around the world, it seems that the satisfaction level may vary for each user. In addition, we have fixed bugs on sites that have problems with ad blocking.

Currently, the VPN used a cloud player ( DNS server. In this patch version, an option has been added so that you can use a total of 18 DNS servers including Google Public DMS ( Other crash fixes.

In the case of adjusting the brightness with gestures when viewing the entire video, there is a disadvantage that once you adjust the brightness, you have to use only the set brightness. Click the system brightness icon in the upper right corner of the video overview. (Only those who have adjusted the brightness more than once are displayed.)

Fixed a problem where the web UI did not appear normally due to the forced screen magnification function. In addition, web compatibility has been improved.

Our video downloads cannot download all videos, so we are looking for a possible way. Therefore, we are improving little by little. If you can’t search for video downloads only on a specific page on a specific site, delete the cache in the Security Center and refresh it before using.

Conflicts and bugs that were submitted to various other routes have been fixed.

Thank you to those who gave us your opinion.