Stargon Browser 4.4.0

  • Speed ​​improvement.
  • Upgrade sharing app selection feature.
  • Multi-selectable in the history of visits.
  • Added multi-background tab opening in bookmarks, history, etc.
  • DNS VPN speed improvement.
  • Added ad blocking filter information.
  • Bug fixes and optimizations.

Hello. Greetings with an update in 3 weeks. My goal is to update every week, but it’s not easy…

We will do our best to respond quickly in the future. ^^;

This version is a version that has removed unnecessary behavior, and has improved battery leaks and browser speed. As many parts have been fixed, there may be unexpected bugs. If there is a bug, please leave a message and we will upload a patched version.

To mention a few of the remaining updates, we have changed the sharing app selection window to an icon type because of user inquiries that it is inconvenient to share on Stargon. If you prefer the old vertical list method, you can use the old method through the top right menu in the “Select Shared App” window. Also, frequently used apps are displayed at the top.

You can open multiple background tabs in your bookmarks, history, etc. Previously, you could only open one at a time, so it seems that the difficult part to check after searching the history will be solved. (Up to 10 background tabs can be opened at one time.)

Finally, we would like to thank those who provided comments.

thank you.


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