Stargon browser 4.6.4

  • Update history
  1. Fixed download related issues.
  2. Other bug fixes.

Hi, This version mainly fixes bugs related to downloads. We were able to fix some bugs through many reports. The details of the modifications related to the download are as follows.

  1. The file cannot be downloaded.
  2. The phenomenon of being saved with the wrong file extension.
  3. Abnormal termination when sharing images.
  4. Freeze when opening an image in a new tab.

Other than that, the problem that the visited hyperlink color does not change after closing has been fixed, and the phenomenon that the number of files is displayed incorrectly when searching the archive has been corrected.

Also, Korean filter changed from List-KR to YousList due to ad blocking filter issue. If the ad blocker does not work properly due to the recent filter update, be sure to install this version.

Most of this version could be fixed through bug reports. If you have any problems, feel free to ask. It will be of great help to the development of Stargon.

Thank you to those who provided comments.

5 responses to “Stargon browser 4.6.4”

    • Hello, Currently, it is not possible to check in the latest version status. It would be helpful if you could tell me about a specific page or matter. And please try using it after updating the latest android system webview.

  1. Problem: when you watch a video on fullscreen, if you tap algo the video exit to fullscreen and appears a message that a popup has been blocked. If you enhanced the popup blocker, your browser is perfect.

  2. Your browser is awesome and I just wanted to say thanks. Runs super smooth on my amazon tablet i debloated just to read.

    Quick question, what is beach ball for?

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