Stargon Browser 2.5.0

1. Improved download speed.

2. Added general file upload function.

3. Fixed the problem of freezing during download.

4. Fixed the problem that can not download.

5. Fixed a problem with download file names.

6. Fixed full screen error.

7. Fixed background open error.

8. Changes made to the run icon.

9. Other bug fixes and performance improvements.

Stargon Browser 2.4.1 Update

Stargon Browser 2.4.1 Update

-Stabilized version
Fixed an incognito mode issue.
Fixed the JavaScript problem.
Updated User-Agent.
Other fixes and optimizations.

  1. Fixed an issue where app freezes and UI crashes in the latest version of incognito mode.
  2. Fixed the JavaScript error until the latest version. Occasionally there was a site stating that JavaScript was turned off, but this version seems to fix the problem.
  3. Updated user agent. The general user agent is not updated. You can change this by going to Settings-> Web Browser-> User Agent. This function is an option, and ordinary users do not need to change it.
  4. In addition, we have fixed bugs that are currently important or workable. We have also stabilized the 2.4.0 version.

Finally, I would like to thank you for your comments in many ways.

Stargon Browser 2.4.0 Update

Hello. ^^

First update this year.

Update history

  1. Improved user interface.
  2. Improved web compatibility.
  3. A scroll up button has been added. (Can be turned off in settings)
  4. Web page save function has been added.
  5. Other bugs and performance improvements.
  1. The new version has some UI improvements. Top Bar Bottom Bar Designed around all web compatibility. For black themes, the default opacity value has been modified, so if you don’t want it, you can install it in “Menu-> Settings-> Top and Bottom Bar-> Bottom Bar Opacity”.
  2. Improved web and browser compatibility.
  3. Added a button to scroll to the top. The default is ON and can be turned OFF by setting.

Fixed other known bugs.

If you have any problems, feel free to write a comment or post.

Finally, I would like to thank all of you for your feedback.

Best wishes for a Happy New Year.


Stargon Browser 2.3.2 Update

  1. Improved web compatibility.
  2. Added video control lock.
  3. Fixed VPN errors.
  4. Fixed error where ads are allowed for no reason.
  5. Fixed other minor errors.


  1. This update improves compatibility between apps and the web. For example, the bottom bar allows you to see what you can’t see. If the bottom bar is transparent, swipe down to lower it.
  2. Added the ability to temporarily lock the use of Stargon player controls when viewing the entire web video. If you lock the lock, gestures will not work. Clicking on the padlock again will work.
  3. Fixed the app hangs when running DnsVPN.
  4. Please try again to block sites that are already allowed for advertising due to bugs.
  5. Fixed other confirmed errors.

Stargon Browser 2.3.1 Update

Stargon Browser 2.3.0 Update

Update history

  1. You’ve blocked YouTube video ads. You are currently 100% blocked.
  2. Fixed the problem that DnsVPN function does not work depending on the model. We also had a lot of speed issues, and we fixed that too. In the future, we will fix the problem from time to time.
  3. Fixed the problem where the address bar and menu disappeared when clicking the address bar in full screen mode.
  4. Fixed other minor issues.

Please feel free to comment if you have any problems.

Have a nice day!


Stargon Browser 2.3.0 Update

Stargon Browser 2.3.0 Update

Update history

  1. DNS VPN function has been added to page 2. In addition to DNS protection, this feature bypasses HTTPS censorship in Korea and some countries. This will connect you to the Cloud Flare ( DNS server, not your ISP. This VPN only works with the Stargon browser.
  2. Deleted ads that entered Quick Launch. So I think it’s lighter and the inconvenience is resolved.
  3. Other minor issues resolved.

Recently, the bottom part of the YouTube video full screen was cut off. I think this is an aspect ratio bug caused by the YouTube web reorganization. This is happening in most browsers, including Chrome, and I think it will be fixed soon because we’ve requested it from other browsers as well.

Other unprocessed features. Bugs will continue to be patched.