Stargon Browser 3.4.3 (bug fix)

○ Bug fixes and optimizations.

Hi. This version fixes an issue where links are blocked in previous versions. This is a problem that occurs in a site that has two hyperlinks attached at the same time. As both were connected at the same time, it was judged as an abnormal link and was blocked. Please update to the stable version.

Fixed the (about:blank) phenomenon that occurred when the swipe gesture was turned off. Other minor bugs and abnormal termination have been fixed. Some optimization work has been done.

In the future, we will try to make the browser with good performance.

Thank you.

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2 responses to “Stargon Browser 3.4.3 (bug fix)”

  1. Felicitaciones por el trabajo magnífico que realizan. Es el mejor navegaror que he usado en mi smartphone, y créame que he probado todos… es práctica, intuitiva, impecable, cumple lo que promete en materia de seguridad.

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