Stargon Browser 3.5.1

* Optimization and speed improvement.
* Security policy modification to enable capture in Secret mode.
* User agent customization function added.
* Improved “Image Blocking” performance.
* “Close other tabs” function added.
* PC mode bug fixed.
* Other performance improvements and bug fixes.


This version has spent a lot of time improving the use of unnecessary resources in the previous version. It can be difficult to feel, but the slowdown has been reduced over long periods of use.

After the recent update, the capture was not performed in Secret mode, but from this version, the security policy has been modified to enable capture in Secret mode. Therefore, in Secret mode, you can capture as before. However, the preview screen appears in the preview showing the list of apps used again as before. If you want to strengthen the security a little more, please use the browser lock function in the lower menu -> Security.

The ability to customize user agents has been added. Settings -> Website -> User Agent -> User-defined

“Close other tabs” feature has been added. If you select a tab after long-clicking it, all other tabs except the selected tab will be closed.

There were many other fixes.

Problems occurring in some specific situations or models could not be confirmed, so we could not visually check whether to fix them. We will continue to do our best to fix bugs in the future.

If this version doesn’t have a major problem, the next update will improve settings and search suggestions. There will be some feature additions that have not been made in a long time.

Thank you.

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