Stargon Browser 3.5.0 Update

-Update history

The web browser speed has been improved.
Popup UI was improved.
Improved image and video download functionality.
Fixed an issue where PC mode was not maintained.
Fixed download folder change issue.
Link bugs were fixed.
Various other bug fixes.


This version fixes various bugs that occurred from the latest 3.4.1 version. There seems to be a lot of overall bugs due to patched problems due to incompatibility problems on some webs.

If you update, all recent bugs will be fixed. In addition, we have improved browser speed through memory and performance improvements.

We would like to thank those who gave us various opinions and those who reported bugs.

Thank you.

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3 responses to “Stargon Browser 3.5.0 Update”

  1. Nice browser !
    is it planned to add a cloud storage sync option ?
    Why not use the rclone library to store our favorites/passwords inside a cloud drive (rclone support many cloud services like google-drive, dropbox, mega, etc.)

    • We haven’t been able to decide yet because of cost. We will look into and decide on various platforms later.
      Thanks for the comments.

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