Stargon browser 4.4.2

​Update history

  • Added setting to disable “Notify when download completes”.
  • Background playback problem has been fixed.


Version 4.4.2 fixed a bug where background playback did not work in the previous version. FYI, background play doesn’t work on YouTube due to play store policy. If a separate extension function is introduced in the future, it seems that YouTube will also be possible.

Added a notification when download completes in the last 4.4.1 version. However, there is no function to disable this notification, so we added it in this version. To disable notifications that appear within the app, go to Settings > Website > Turn off notifications when download is complete.


4 responses to “Stargon browser 4.4.2”

  1. The browser is fantastic!
    2 suggestions:
    – Option to modify the website’s icons in home page and bookmarks.
    – Add personal filter lists in adblocker.

    Thanks and good work!

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