Stargon Browser 4.5.1

update history

  • Web performance improvements and bug fixes.

Hello. In this version, most of the problems have been corrected through user bug reports. If you have any problems after using it, please feel free to comment.

The revision details are as follows.

  • More efficient memory management.
  • Web storage support.
  • Dark theme improved.
  • The maximum number of taps has been modified to be unlimited.
  • Fixed incorrect favicon output in history and tab windows.
  • Fix download notification window crash issue.
  • Fixed the problem of downloading as HTML file.
  • Fixed an issue where the option to delete files from the download library was not displayed.
  • Fix web search and find not appearing in web popup (action mode).
  • Other known bug fixes.

The bottom address bar will be supported in the next update.
Other features, such as web themes, which have been delayed due to several issues, are scheduled to be added.

Thank you to those who commented and those who supported us.
thank you.

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