Stargon browser 4.4.2

​Update history

  • Added setting to disable “Notify when download completes”.
  • Background playback problem has been fixed.


Version 4.4.2 fixed a bug where background playback did not work in the previous version. FYI, background play doesn’t work on YouTube due to play store policy. If a separate extension function is introduced in the future, it seems that YouTube will also be possible.

Added a notification when download completes in the last 4.4.1 version. However, there is no function to disable this notification, so we added it in this version. To disable notifications that appear within the app, go to Settings > Website > Turn off notifications when download is complete.


Stargon Browser 4.4.1

Update history

  • Added download completion notification.
  • Bug fixes.

Hi. In this version, when the download is complete, a “download completion notification (pop-up)” appears at the bottom of the browser immediately. Click Open in the notification to run the file. (It disappears automatically after 5 seconds.)

Fixed the problem that sometimes more than 30 items were not checked when searching the visit history with a bug patch. Fixed other app crash issues and minor issues.

Thank you to everyone who provided comments.

May you always be happy and healthy in the new year. ^^

Thank you.


Stargon Browser 4.4.0

  • Speed ​​improvement.
  • Upgrade sharing app selection feature.
  • Multi-selectable in the history of visits.
  • Added multi-background tab opening in bookmarks, history, etc.
  • DNS VPN speed improvement.
  • Added ad blocking filter information.
  • Bug fixes and optimizations.

Hello. Greetings with an update in 3 weeks. My goal is to update every week, but it’s not easy…

We will do our best to respond quickly in the future. ^^;

This version is a version that has removed unnecessary behavior, and has improved battery leaks and browser speed. As many parts have been fixed, there may be unexpected bugs. If there is a bug, please leave a message and we will upload a patched version.

To mention a few of the remaining updates, we have changed the sharing app selection window to an icon type because of user inquiries that it is inconvenient to share on Stargon. If you prefer the old vertical list method, you can use the old method through the top right menu in the “Select Shared App” window. Also, frequently used apps are displayed at the top.

You can open multiple background tabs in your bookmarks, history, etc. Previously, you could only open one at a time, so it seems that the difficult part to check after searching the history will be solved. (Up to 10 background tabs can be opened at one time.)

Finally, we would like to thank those who provided comments.

thank you.


Stargon Browser 4.3.1

update history

  • Bug fixes.
  • Added full screen icon to image and video downloads.

Hello. This version has bug fixes and icon additions. It has been modified as follows.

  • Fixed the problem that the file could not be found when changing the font.
    -Fixed an issue where the video stopped when swiping rewind or fast forward on the full screen of web video and the playback time did not disappear.
  • Fixed an issue where additional icons and abnormal termination when deleted after clicking Select All in Quick Launch.
  • Fixed a problem where the download notification was abnormally terminated after the file download was completed for some users.
  • Fixed other abnormal termination issues.

Add icon

  • Added image and video download full screen icon. Click to play in full screen or built-in player.

Stargon Browser 4.3.0

Stargon Browser 4.3.0 Update

  • Update history
  1. Improved browser speed.
  2. Improved browser performance.
  3. Make a note of the source from which you downloaded it.
  4. Optimizations and bug fixes.
  • Various other hard to mention issues have been fixed.

Hello. It was developed based on the information provided by many people.

This version improves web browser speed. There were also performance improvements in various functions.

Some of the performance improvements are listed below.

  • Download archive
  • Download video
  • image download
  • image search

The above are only a few corrections. Please feel free to report any problems.

The function you reported will be added in the next version. There are many shortcomings, but I would like to say thank you to those who have used it.

Our Stargon browser does not collect personal information, nor does it collect any other information.

We will continue to be a trusted browser in the future.

We would like to thank those who provided comments and those who supported us.
thank you.

Stargon browser 4.2.1

update history

  • Bug fixes.

Hello. This update has been updated first due to the app termination phenomenon that occurs for some users.

In most cases, it is recommended that users update as well.

Some of the revision details are as follows.

  • A phenomenon in which the app is closed due to a font setting bug.
  • When saving downloads, an error occurs due to a duplicate file name problem.
  • Save paths that are already allowed can be switched to the pop-up menu.
  • Fixed an issue where the download quantity was not reflected when the list was deleted from the “Archive” (downloads).
  • Show progress when downloading images.
  • After downloading images (videos) “Select All”, press again to cancel all.
  • Remove unnecessary resources.

If a file downloaded to the “Archive” is re-created with the same file name after changing or deleting the file name, there is a problem in that it looks the same as the previous download list. This part will be addressed in the next version. Therefore, if you delete a file from the download, it seems safe to delete it after opening the file once. Alternatively, it is safe to click the folder icon in the upper right corner of the “Archive” to delete it with the file manager function. We will also fix issues related to speed when deleting large amounts of files at once.

Thank you to everyone who reported bugs and provided comments.

Stargon browser 4.2.0

  • Major update history
  1. “Download Manager” has been added.
  2. Voice search has been added.
  3. Some features have been added or changed.
  4. Bug fixes.


Greetings with an update after about two months. It took a lot of time to think about it as we developed it with consideration for future updates. We will try to update quickly from the next update.

  1. The “Download Manager” function has been added in this version. Implemented bottom menu -> library. All web downloads can be found here. You can check the download progress, and you can download the file again after deleting it. However, in most cases, the cookies may expire and the download address may change after a certain period of time on the website, so download may not be possible.
  2. A voice search function has been added to the menu location on the right side of the address bar. When I hit the url address, it shows the microphone icon instead of the menu. Click the microphone icon to perform a voice search.
  3. Some features have been added or changed. Changed or added as below.
    Added select all function to image (video) download.
    A search function has been added to the Archive.
    Added “Open with external app” setting function to the Archive menu.
    Menu -> Gallery function has been changed to Manufacturer Gallery due to Google policy (minimize storage permission) on November 1.
    Removed the “Upload Image” feature when uploading from the web. To upload an image, select “Album”, “Document” or “File” in the upload method pop-up.
    The “Text Editor” and “Image Editing” functions, which were lost due to the removal of Stargon Gallery, will be upgraded and added to the lower menu.
  4. Bug fixes have been made. Many reported bugs were not fixed in this version. In the next version, we will try to find out more about the bugs you reported and fix them.
    “Sponsor” with in-app payment has been added to settings within the app.

Finally, we would like to thank the users who provided feedback.

Thank you.

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Stargon Browser 4.1.0

  1. Introduced the Storage Access Framework (SAF) method.
    Therefore, you can change the file name and the folder where you want to save it at every save.
  2. Added web permission function. (recording on the web, recording support)
  3. A function to connect to the YouTube app has been added to the top bar.
  4. Added current tab highlighting.
  5. Optimizations and bug fixes.
  6. Fix other inconvenient parts.

Hello. We’ll give you an update after about a month.

I have a lot to review, so development has been delayed, so it’s been a while since I’ve greeted you. ^^;

1) This version introduces the SAF method. This function is a method of selecting a folder through the Android Documents App (SAF). It is not a function to simply select a folder. This is a function that can be granted even permissions to the folder.

In the previous version of Stargon, it was possible to save when asked for storage permission and agreed to it, but there is a security problem that permission is granted to all folders when storage permission is allowed. The current updated version still requires storage permissions for the Gallery and Library features in the menu, but in the next version, those features will also be updated to use the same SAF method as above.

This method had to be introduced before November due to Google’s policy, so we started development. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the change in the SAF method.

2) HTML5 web supports various functions. Among them, the ability to record, or chat in real time on the web is possible. It is a feature supported by some sites, but there are people who need it, so the feature has been added. (Even if there is a request on the web, this function can be rejected through a pop-up asking for permission from Stargon. In addition, consent is required for camera and audio permission.)

3) When accessing the YouTube website, the YouTube icon appears in the upper address bar. If you click the icon, you can connect to the YouTube app. Next, we plan to add a function that can directly connect to the YouTube app when accessing YouTube through the option.

Other than that, there were current tab highlighting and UI color adjustments.

Thank you to those who commented.

thank you.

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Stargon Browser 4.0.1

update history

  • Fix web download problem.
  • Fixed web flickering during dark mode.
  • Fixed an issue where the bottom bar was not applied in dark mode.
  • Fixed an abnormal termination when closing a tab.
  • Various other bugs have been fixed.


This version has been updated first because there is a problem that the customized bottom bar icon is not applied when the dark mode is activated. And, in rare cases, we fixed an issue where downloads from the web did not work properly. In addition, the phenomenon that the lower part of the web appears white flickering while using dark mode has been corrected.

Thanks to everyone who reported bugs.

thank you.

Stargon Browser 4.0.0

update history

  1. Added the ability to temporarily allow sites blocked by advertisements.
  2. Cookies can be deleted on a per-site basis.
  3. You can add up to 4 custom icons to the bottom bar.
  4. All selected text, web searchable.
  5. Other optimizations and bug fixes.

Hello. I will briefly explain the update history.

  1. Fixed the phenomenon that the accessed site itself was judged as an advertisement and a blank web page appeared without the site being opened. That site says “Blocked for ads” and if you click allow, that site will work normally until the app is closed.
  2. In the lower menu -> Security -> Delete Data -> Cookies and Data, you can delete cookies by site. To search for a site, select Search from the top right menu. More convenient functions will be added through the menu in the upper address bar in the future.
  3. Changed so that 2 to 4 customizable icons can be added in the bottom bar function. The inconvenient part has been resolved as only the existing two can be customized. For more than 5, the method needs to be changed, so if there is a necessary reason, we will improve it later.
  4. A “web search” function has been added to enable web search when text is selected in the search bar within the web or in the address bar (editor) at the top of Stargon.
  5. Other optimizations and bugs have been fixed.

Stargon Browser was removed by Google a day ago.

The reason was that the donation was not received through “Google in-app payment”. (As a request to Google inevitably, in this version, the donate menu has been removed from the app.)

As a result, this version was updated earlier than expected.

So, if you have any problems, feel free to leave a comment. If you leave any unresolved problems, we will solve the problem again through the material statement.

We would like to thank those who commented and reported bugs.

thank you.

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