Stargon Browser 4.9.2

update history

  • Added web clipboard API.
  • Optimizations and bug fixes.


A web clipboard API was added. This feature allows web page developers to access the clipboard via web language. For example, you can paste text automatically copied to the clipboard from a web page. For security, in case you agree to the permission, it will proceed. Many sites do not use this feature yet, but it was developed due to user requests. Currently, consent is required every time, but we will be able to obtain permission consent for each site in the future.

This version has a lot of bug reports, so a lot of bugs have also been fixed. The main fixed bugs are as follows.

  • Problems with downloads from the web.
  • Problems with running apps on the web.
  • The problem that the bottom bar does not come up.
  • The problem that the bottom of the visit history screen appears white.
  • Pull-to-refresh does not work on some sites.
  • The problem that search suggestions cannot be deactivated in the search term auto-complete option.
  • Store app not running in some situations.
  • Fixed other minor issues.

Also, some unnecessary code has been removed.

Thank you to those who reported and to those who supported us.
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