Stargon Browser 3.6.0

  1. Automatic completion of search terms including visit history has been added.
  2. In the lower menu, the function to block images and adjust the font size has been added.
  3. Modified so that it can appear as an icon in the lower bar function added by the user.
  4. Detailed features have been added to the homepage (start page), search word autocomplete, and gesture settings.
  5. Added an option to the Archive menu to make files in the Archive available in a list manner from icons.
  6. Fixed download and upload issues.
  7. Bug fixes and optimizations.

Good morning. It has been a long time since we have been updating. There was no big problem with the previous version, so I think I was able to update this version with a little more time.

  1. In the past, automatic completion of search terms was inconvenient to use, so we changed the UI and developed automatic completion of search terms in the address bar including visit history. In the future, more convenient algorithms will be introduced for this function. This feature can be used by turning off the history and search suggestions respectively in the settings.
  2. In the past, there is an inconvenience of having to go through several steps to change from the settings, so we have included in the lower menu so that you can adjust the image blocking and font size directly from the lower menu in the menu. (The font size currently exists on page 2 of the menu, and the location may change later.)
  3. The lower bar function added by the user has a problem that is displayed only with numbers, so this time, we have updated to change the icon to suit the function. (If a problem occurs with the lower bar function added after the update, try setting again by resetting only Settings->Basic Information->Initialization->Settings.)
  4. In the homepage setting, when the app is started, it has been modified so that you can select either a web page or a quick launch. You can also set the homepage separately when the app is in use. (If you set both “When the app is started” and “When the app is in use” as a web page, the quick launch screen will not appear.) In addition, refresh sensitivity, swipe forward/backward sensitivity, and edge gesture priority functions are added. Has been.
  5. A way to view files in a list has been added so that you can check files in more detail from the UI method that appears as a thumbnail or icon in the existing Archive. You can change the method using a list or icon in the top right menu of the Archive. (When selecting an upload file, it is automatically changed to the list method.)
  6. Abnormal termination due to download, the problem that the downloaded file extension is applied incorrectly, and the problem that nothing appears in the file that can be selected when uploading is fixed. (Problems with MPQ extension, etc.)
  7. Lighter than previous version.

In various other areas, bug fixes and functions have been improved. (Please understand that there are too many parts to be notified of all.) We will continue to update the insufficient parts in the future. Thanks for the comments.


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Stargon Browser 3.5.1

* Optimization and speed improvement.
* Security policy modification to enable capture in Secret mode.
* User agent customization function added.
* Improved “Image Blocking” performance.
* “Close other tabs” function added.
* PC mode bug fixed.
* Other performance improvements and bug fixes.


This version has spent a lot of time improving the use of unnecessary resources in the previous version. It can be difficult to feel, but the slowdown has been reduced over long periods of use.

After the recent update, the capture was not performed in Secret mode, but from this version, the security policy has been modified to enable capture in Secret mode. Therefore, in Secret mode, you can capture as before. However, the preview screen appears in the preview showing the list of apps used again as before. If you want to strengthen the security a little more, please use the browser lock function in the lower menu -> Security.

The ability to customize user agents has been added. Settings -> Website -> User Agent -> User-defined

“Close other tabs” feature has been added. If you select a tab after long-clicking it, all other tabs except the selected tab will be closed.

There were many other fixes.

Problems occurring in some specific situations or models could not be confirmed, so we could not visually check whether to fix them. We will continue to do our best to fix bugs in the future.

If this version doesn’t have a major problem, the next update will improve settings and search suggestions. There will be some feature additions that have not been made in a long time.

Thank you.

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Stargon Browser 3.5.0 Update

-Update history

The web browser speed has been improved.
Popup UI was improved.
Improved image and video download functionality.
Fixed an issue where PC mode was not maintained.
Fixed download folder change issue.
Link bugs were fixed.
Various other bug fixes.


This version fixes various bugs that occurred from the latest 3.4.1 version. There seems to be a lot of overall bugs due to patched problems due to incompatibility problems on some webs.

If you update, all recent bugs will be fixed. In addition, we have improved browser speed through memory and performance improvements.

We would like to thank those who gave us various opinions and those who reported bugs.

Thank you.

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Stargon Browser 3.4.3 (bug fix)

○ Bug fixes and optimizations.

Hi. This version fixes an issue where links are blocked in previous versions. This is a problem that occurs in a site that has two hyperlinks attached at the same time. As both were connected at the same time, it was judged as an abnormal link and was blocked. Please update to the stable version.

Fixed the (about:blank) phenomenon that occurred when the swipe gesture was turned off. Other minor bugs and abnormal termination have been fixed. Some optimization work has been done.

In the future, we will try to make the browser with good performance.

Thank you.

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Stargon Browser 3.4.1

  • The bookmark window has been modified to be able to collapse or expand.
  • Fixed a bug according to the top and bottom bar options.
  • Fixed an issue with saving history and bookmarks.
  • Fixed web compatibility issue.

Hello This update has added bug fixes and bookmarks zooming. It was in the original plan, but in the previous version, minimode was omitted due to a bug, so we apologize for the inconvenience. You can zoom in and out from the top right menu, so you can customize it as you like.

There will be continuous UI changes in the future, so we will try our best to stabilize even if there are times when it is a little unstable.

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Stargon Browser 3.4.0

-Update history

  • Quick launch (Home), bookmark improvement.
  • Dark mode improvement.
  • Bug fixes and optimizations.


This version has newly improved the home screen and bookmark screen.

The existing UI has been reorganized because it is difficult to add more functions.

The overall design of the browser has already been completed, but it will take a long time, so I will update it partially first.

Some bugs have been fixed, but there are crash bugs that have not been resolved.

This part is difficult for us to check and we have not yet been able to fix it.

Crash bugs are always working to improve.

Finally, I would like to thank the person who gave me the opinion.

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Stargon Browser 3.3.0

-Update history

  1. Optimization and bug fixes.
  2. Add pop-up settings for each site.


This update focuses on browser optimization (performance improvement) and bug fixes.

If you have any problems, please feel free to tell us and we will get back to you.

For other features, until the previous version, you could allow all pop-ups or open a new tab after checking the pop-up.

From this version, we have updated to set when opening a pop-up for each site.

The set information can be deleted from the bottom menu -> Security -> Clear data -> “Pop-up allowed site list”.

Finally, we would like to express our gratitude to the people who provided feedback and to the sponsors.

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Stargon Browser 3.2.3

-Bug fixes and performance improvements.


This version has improved bookmark import bugs and basic web surfing performance (including speed).

If you have a problem after using it, please leave a comment and we will answer it.

The reason for omitting the detailed update history is that there are browsers that follow us at home and abroad for a long time, so detailed bug fixes have not been announced for security reasons.

Happy New Year.

Thank you.

Stargon Browser 3.2.2

-Bug fixes and optimizations.

Good morning. We have updated mainly on bugs reported recently.

Today, I will briefly talk about the features that users have given us. All reports and opinions are recorded on the list to be developed in the future if we consider them to be necessary functions. However, please understand that there are many reported bugs and a lot of performance improvement work remains, so development is being delayed.

And I know there are many similar browsers that imitate our browser. We don’t do that. I don’t think it’s always good to have a lot of features. This is because the more features, the lower the performance, and the complexity becomes difficult to use. We care more about it and develop it. I’m thinking a lot about putting functions into one.

Finally, I would like to thank the person who gave me the opinion.