Stargon browser 5.3.0

Update history

  • Improved functionality.
  • Bug fixes and optimizations.

hello, Greetings with an update in about a month.
This version has feature improvements and bug fixes based on user reports.

Functional improvements and bug fixes are listed below.

  • Improved so that URLs are displayed in search suggestions.
  • File manager improvements.
  • Improved built-in image viewer.
  • In the blocking function, you can choose whether to block images and videos respectively.
  • If you check the cache deletion in the exit button option, you can delete the cache when the app starts without exiting through the exit button.
  • Fixed the problem that some images are not downloaded.
  • The background (playback) function is modified to operate only when media is playing. (Except for some media)
  • Fixed bottom bar opacity bug.
    -Fixed keyboard bugs in various function pop-ups.
  • Fixed a bug where multiple tabs were cleared when tabs were closed on the web.
  • Fixed a problem when adjusting the brightness of the app.
  • Fixed the problem that the ad-guard filter is not registered in the ad-blocking filter add-on (when added by URL).

In addition, we fixed bugs that could be found. Please forgive me for not being able to express everything.

Thank you to the person who reported it. Please feel free to report any problems after the update.

thank you.



8 responses to “Stargon browser 5.3.0”

    • Gli aggiornamenti verranno effettuati entro pochi giorni. Il browser Stargon è stato aggiornato più di una volta al mese per circa 5 anni. Continuerà a essere supportato in futuro.

    • Yes, there is a password storage manager. Also, to check the list or delete saved passwords, there is a list of passwords in the bottom menu -> Security -> Clear Data. However, it is currently not possible to check the saved ID and password for security reasons.

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