Stargon Browser 5.7.0

  • Added “Select Text” function.
  • Improved web compatibility.
  • Bug fixes.

In this version, a “text selection” function has been added to select text with web links.
This feature can be used by clicking “Select Text” in the pop-up that appears when you long-click a link.
In addition to this, there was a problem that certain web pages were not compatible, so there was a fix related to the http network.
Other reported bugs have been fixed. Confirmed bugs are fixed, some unconfirmed bugs may not be resolved. Please leave a comment if you have any problems.

There have been many requests to add a tab restore feature. This feature is scheduled to be developed, but it seems that it takes time to find an optimized method because the tab restoration was not taken into account when the Stargon browser was initially created. We will update it as soon as development is complete.

Thank you to those who commented.
thank you


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  1. i like the starter is never hide the topbar and navigation bar in this app because i visit the mediafire, i saw bug the cookies is cut by navigation bar lol

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