Stargon Browser 2.2.0 Update

Stargon Browser 2.2.0

Major update
○ Speed ​​up and optimize your web.
○ Added https security lock to the address bar.
○ Add User Ad Blocking. (We use after long clicking link)
○ Error correction and stabilization.

  1. This release focuses on speedup and optimization. I think you can feel the speed increase enough to feel it.
  2. To make it easier to check the Https secure connection in the address bar, a lock symbol is displayed for https connections. You can verify the security certificate by clicking the lock icon.
  3. In the case of “custom ad blocking”, only ad image can be blocked. To use it, long click on the image corresponding to the ad and click “Block as ad”. (If the ad keeps changing, it may look like it wasn’t actually blocked. We’ll make it a little better if we find the right way.) To delete a list of ad blocks you’ve blocked, go to Security Center-> Clear Data-> “Ads. Please select “List of blocked URLs.”
  4. Long click on back key (hardware key). Also, if you check “Don’t check again” in the exit popup, you can exit without exit popup. If you want to reset “Don’t check again”, you can reset it by selecting Settings-> Basic information-> Reset-> “Don’t check again”.
  5. Other error corrections and optimizations were made.

Please comment if you have any questions. Finally, thank you for your feedback.


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