Stargon Browser 2.7.1

Stargon Browser 2.7.1

-Update history

  1. Performance improvements and bug fixes.
  2. Add printing function.


This update updates browser performance issues that many users have requested.
First, this version has been optimized more than the previous version to reduce unnecessary waste. Various scrolling problems and home button bugs After viewing the entire video, we fixed an issue that was inconvenient for browsing in general, such as a freeze phenomenon and a problem where the refresh circle often comes down and refreshes.

We also fixed a phenomenon in which a tab other than the current page appeared while the tab was restored (including restoration due to insufficient memory) after exiting, and a quick launch did not appear when the home button was pressed. And fixed other minor issues.

As a function, we have added a new “Print” function that enables web printing on page 2 of the menu.

This update worked through a number of tests to fix minor bugs and bugs found. We fixed the problem in most of the reported issues, except for bugs that are not currently identified.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems or any inconvenience. We will answer. ^^ *

※ After the first update, the last viewed page may not match when running for the first time. After that it works fine.

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