Stargon Browser 2.3.0 Update

Stargon Browser 2.3.0 Update

Update history

  1. DNS VPN function has been added to page 2. In addition to DNS protection, this feature bypasses HTTPS censorship in Korea and some countries. This will connect you to the Cloud Flare ( DNS server, not your ISP. This VPN only works with the Stargon browser.
  2. Deleted ads that entered Quick Launch. So I think it’s lighter and the inconvenience is resolved.
  3. Other minor issues resolved.

Recently, the bottom part of the YouTube video full screen was cut off. I think this is an aspect ratio bug caused by the YouTube web reorganization. This is happening in most browsers, including Chrome, and I think it will be fixed soon because we’ve requested it from other browsers as well.

Other unprocessed features. Bugs will continue to be patched.


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