Stargon browser 4.7.0

Major update history

  • Improved scroll rendering.
  • Improved browser speed.
  • Various other bug fixes and optimizations.

Hi, I am a Stargon developer. ^^

We were able to fix several bugs through many recent reports. It seems that some bugs were not completely fixed because unconfirmed bugs were analyzed and fixed only by code. If any of the bugs you inquired about are not fixed, please comment again and we will continue to look for them. The corrected issues are as follows.

  • A phenomenon in which an afterimage appears on the bottom navigation bar when scrolling.
  • A phenomenon in which a YouTube video is played after stopping when switching to full screen.
  • A phenomenon in which page loading stops when clicking a link.
  • A phenomenon in which the screen cannot be enlarged on some pages.
  • A phenomenon in which the page goes to the wrong page when going back.
  • A phenomenon in which the Open New Tab (+) button is hidden on the bottom bar.
  • Text is broken on some pages.

In addition, we have fixed the issues found.

Add to

  1. The amount of ad blocking is displayed in the title at the top of the menu.
  2. Added warning display in address bar when not HTTPS secure connection.

We would like to thank those who provided feedback and those who supported us. thank you.


13 responses to “Stargon browser 4.7.0”

  1. Your browser is fantastic.
    I have a request: when you play a video on fullscreen, if you tap on the time bar (for rewind or forward at determinate time) the video take off the fullscreen and appears “popup blocked”. And is necessary to click fullscreen button again.
    Look this and click on time bar:

    • Hello. Are you saying that the ad popup turns off the full screen of the video? If the web developer intended to disable the full screen regardless of the popup, this problem is difficult to solve. It would be more helpful if you send the applicable url to [email protected].

      • I sent an e-mail message with screenshots to you.
        This problem occurs when the language on Stargon is set to Japanese or Chinese (both of Traditional and Simplified). When using other language (e.g. English, Korean, Italiano), it doesn’t occur.
        Hope this helps.

        • The update is very late. A version that resolves this issue has been submitted to Google, so it looks like it will be updated within a few days.

  2. I am finding that Stargon Browser is very simple yet versatile. I have it running on two cell phones. On one cell phone, I accidentally declined saving password (thought it was Google asking). Now I can’t get the password to save. Is there a way to add a password manually or manage passwords?

    • hi, You can choose whether to save the password when logging in. Manual addition is not possible for security reasons.

  3. Hi,
    nice app but Stargon crashes when tapping link to download pdf-file on (Dutch site but link under “download de route (pdf)”. But long-tapping and choosing to open in background-tab does work.
    Maybe a little bug ? I hope you can fix it (java is on)

    • Hi, The problem you reported is something we’ve been working on for a long time to fix. We are working normally with this issue, but some users are experiencing crashes. This seems to be happening with popups that open in new tabs regardless of the download. We will patch it as soon as the problem is fixed.
      Currently a new version has been submitted to Google Play. An update is expected in a few days. If an update is available, please check if you have the same problem after updating.

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