Stargon Browser 3.7.0

Added new ad blocking engine. (EasyList + α) Optimizations and bug fixes. Hello. This version mainly upgrades the ad blocker. In the case of the existing engine, there was a problem with the limitation of the hiding function and the impossible of precise blocking. This update has been implemented to recognize the EasyList filter. In […]

Stargon Browser 3.5.1

* Optimization and speed improvement.* Security policy modification to enable capture in Secret mode.* User agent customization function added.* Improved “Image Blocking” performance.* “Close other tabs” function added.* PC mode bug fixed.* Other performance improvements and bug fixes. Hello. This version has spent a lot of time improving the use of unnecessary resources in the […]

Stargon Browser 3.4.0

-Update history Quick launch (Home), bookmark improvement. Dark mode improvement. Bug fixes and optimizations. Hello. This version has newly improved the home screen and bookmark screen. The existing UI has been reorganized because it is difficult to add more functions. The overall design of the browser has already been completed, but it will take a […]