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Please support the Stargon browser. Hello. Thank you for always loving and using the Stargon browser. Our Stargon browser has been steadily developed with the goal of becoming a more convenient browser than any other browser. There have been many difficulties while developing the Stargon browser. Unlike other browsers, we don’t include banner ads and […]

Stargon Browser 2.9.0

Major updates Password saving function added. – Added adjustable brightness. – SD card selectable. – Other performance improvements and bug fixes. Password storage is encrypted and stored in the internal memory (smartphone). Also, data is not stored externally, such as Google Drive (backup). Long click on the video download preview to play before downloading. Hello. […]

Stargon Browser 2.8.1

-Update history Performance improvements and bug fixes. Improved overall performance. -You can check the cached capacity. (Menu-Security-Erase Data) -If the cache and data are deleted, the existing certificate settings can also be initialized. Bug fixes. -Fixed the problem that night mode does not end normally. -Fixed high contrast mode concentration. -Fixed TTF font change error. […]