Stargon Browser 3.4.0

-Update history Quick launch (Home), bookmark improvement. Dark mode improvement. Bug fixes and optimizations. Hello. This version has newly improved the home screen and bookmark screen. The existing UI has been reorganized because it is difficult to add more functions. The overall design of the browser has already been completed, but it will take a […]

Stargon Browser 3.2.2

-Bug fixes and optimizations. Good morning. We have updated mainly on bugs reported recently. Today, I will briefly talk about the features that users have given us. All reports and opinions are recorded on the list to be developed in the future if we consider them to be necessary functions. However, please understand that there […]

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Please support the Stargon browser. Hello. Thank you for always loving and using the Stargon browser. Our Stargon browser has been steadily developed with the goal of becoming a more convenient browser than any other browser. There have been many difficulties while developing the Stargon browser. Unlike other browsers, we don’t include banner ads and […]