Stargon Browser 3.0.1

-Major update history

  • Ad blocking DB update.
  • Added VPN and DNS server options.
  • Added a button to switch to the system brightness when the video is full screen.
  • Fixed screen problem due to forced screen function.
  • Improved search for downloadable videos.
  • Fix other abnormal terminations and errors found.


We updated our ad blocking database. With the addition of domains from around the world, it seems that the satisfaction level may vary for each user. In addition, we have fixed bugs on sites that have problems with ad blocking.

Currently, the VPN used a cloud player ( DNS server. In this patch version, an option has been added so that you can use a total of 18 DNS servers including Google Public DMS ( Other crash fixes.

In the case of adjusting the brightness with gestures when viewing the entire video, there is a disadvantage that once you adjust the brightness, you have to use only the set brightness. Click the system brightness icon in the upper right corner of the video overview. (Only those who have adjusted the brightness more than once are displayed.)

Fixed a problem where the web UI did not appear normally due to the forced screen magnification function. In addition, web compatibility has been improved.

Our video downloads cannot download all videos, so we are looking for a possible way. Therefore, we are improving little by little. If you can’t search for video downloads only on a specific page on a specific site, delete the cache in the Security Center and refresh it before using.

Conflicts and bugs that were submitted to various other routes have been fixed.

Thank you to those who gave us your opinion.

Stargon Browser 3.0.0 Update

-Update history

  • Added tab switch gesture function.
  • App performance improvements, bug fixes, and optimizations.

Hello. A tab switch gesture was added. This function allows you to switch tabs by swiping (drag) on the top bar or bottom bar. Among other VPN functions, the overall speed improvement and inconvenient parts such as the addition of the blocked HTTP address bypass function and the improvement of image download performance have been fixed. There are so many fixes that I can’t seem to be able to list them all in the update history.

Finally, I would like to thank the person who gave me the opinion.


Stargon Browser 2.9.2

-Update history

Performance improvements and bug fixes.

-Revision history

Some performance improvements in night mode (high contrast).

Next, Kakao video ads are blocked.

Fixed a problem where writing was not normally done in the web editor.

Fixed an issue where the changed ID and password were not saved when resaving after saving the password.

Fixed an issue where the first 3 seconds or more were not included when downloading videos from Twitter and some other sites.

Fixed an issue where “Opening a link in the background” does not record the history.

Fixed an issue where tabs opened with Open Link in New Tab and Open Background Link did not open normally.

Fixed an issue where the copy and web search pop-up (ActionMode) did not appear when selecting text. (Occurs in some situations)

Other optimizations to improve browser performance.


Stargon Browser 2.9.0

  • Major updates
  • Password saving function added.
    – Added adjustable brightness.
    – SD card selectable.
    – Other performance improvements and bug fixes.
  1. Password storage is encrypted and stored in the internal memory (smartphone). Also, data is not stored externally, such as Google Drive (backup).
  2. Long click on the video download preview to play before downloading.

Hello. If you have any comments or questions, please write a comment or comment at any time and we will respond.

Stargon Browser 2.8.2 Update

Update history

-Performance improvements and bug fixes.

This version has been added to improve existing functions and change the download path and file name. Bugs we identified were fixed from time to time. Below is the details of some patched parts.

  • Video download UI change.
  • Video download preview support.
  • Video multi download function added.
  • Added download path and file name change.
  • Added powerful refresh function. (Long click the refresh icon on the address bar)
  • Night mode optimization.

Thanks for the comments.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us. We will respond.

Stargon Browser 2.8.1

-Update history

Performance improvements and bug fixes.

  1. Improved overall performance.

-You can check the cached capacity. (Menu-Security-Erase Data)
-If the cache and data are deleted, the existing certificate settings can also be initialized.

  1. Bug fixes.

-Fixed the problem that night mode does not end normally.

-Fixed high contrast mode concentration.

-Fixed TTF font change error. (This part needs confirmation.)

-Security policy modification. (It has been changed to be automatically blocked by default in case of a certificate error. However, if it is blocked for the same reason, a security warning will be issued if you cannot access the site. If you select Continue, you will be ignored and connected, but for security reasons, you will be connected to the site. It is not recommended.)

Fixed other bugs and errors identified.

Stargon Browser 2.8.0 Update

Update history

  1. Added scroll bar button.
  2. Performance improvements and bug fixes.

Updates after a really long time. This update mainly fixes existing features and fixes bugs. There are so many things fixed that I think it’s difficult to tell them all here.

to summarize,

A page scrollbar was added as a button. The default is enabled, and can be turned off in gesture settings.

Improved performance and added some functions: night mode, high contrast mode, security center, advertisement blocking, storage box, shutdown, etc ..
Bug fix: Brightness control, incognito mode, visit history, abnormal termination, etc.

In the future, we are going to add each feature that users have provided feedback. We will also shorten the update every 7-10 days. Please use it a lot. Lastly, we would like to express our gratitude to those who gave us feedback. ^^ *

Stargon Browser 2.7.1

Stargon Browser 2.7.1

-Update history

  1. Performance improvements and bug fixes.
  2. Add printing function.


This update updates browser performance issues that many users have requested.
First, this version has been optimized more than the previous version to reduce unnecessary waste. Various scrolling problems and home button bugs After viewing the entire video, we fixed an issue that was inconvenient for browsing in general, such as a freeze phenomenon and a problem where the refresh circle often comes down and refreshes.

We also fixed a phenomenon in which a tab other than the current page appeared while the tab was restored (including restoration due to insufficient memory) after exiting, and a quick launch did not appear when the home button was pressed. And fixed other minor issues.

As a function, we have added a new “Print” function that enables web printing on page 2 of the menu.

This update worked through a number of tests to fix minor bugs and bugs found. We fixed the problem in most of the reported issues, except for bugs that are not currently identified.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems or any inconvenience. We will answer. ^^ *

※ After the first update, the last viewed page may not match when running for the first time. After that it works fine.